"Wild's not the same as savage."

— Amberpaw defending ThunderClan's honor from Minty in Bramblestar's Storm, chapter 12


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Amberkit and Amberpaw

Ambermoon is a pale ginger she cat[1] with amber eyes.[2]


Amberkit is born to Brightheart and Cloudtail in ThunderClan. She had two brothers named Snowkit and Dewkit. She and her siblings were born right before the Battle of the Stars. While only one moon old, the Dark Forest attacked ThunderClan.

Amberkit was too young to fight in the battle, so she was protected by her mother. Sadly, Ferncloud dies protecting her from a Dark Forest cat.

Unknown that Ferncloud was dead, Amberkit thought that she was asleep. Later, the Clans win the battle and Amberkit and her family survived, though her great uncle Firestar died. Amberkit currently lives in ThunderClan.


Mother: Brightheart

Father: Cloudtail

Brothers: Snowbush and Dewnose

Sister: Whitewing

Grandmothers: Princess and Frostfur


  • Although being younger than Lilyheart and Seedpaw,[3][4][5] Ambermoon and her brothers were apprenticed first.[6] Vicky has said the reason for this will be explained in Dovewing's Silence.[7] This was never touched upon, however.[8]

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