"The third ShadowClan cat was a brown tom named Antpelt, who'd threatened me at the previous Gathering just because I scolded his apprentice for being rude to the elder."

— Pouncetail in Battles of the Clans, page 104

Antpelt (SC)

Highest Rank
No information
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No information
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Unnamed apprentice
Previous Name(s)
No information

Antpelt is a brown tom with a dingy pelt.[1]


Antpelt is waiting in ambush at the abandoned Twoleg nest, with Snaketail, Spiderfoot, and Whitetail. A RiverClan patrol finds them and attacks. When Pouncetail is trying to identify Antpelt, he remembers that the brown warrior had threatened him at a previous Gathering, since Pouncetail had scolded his apprentice for being rude to an elder.

Pouncetail admits that he was happy to get even with Antpelt, and he, along with Blackclaw, forces him out through a gap in the wall, which leads to another den. It is hard to spot Antpelt's fur in the shadows, but he gives himself away when a rat scurries past him, making him squeal like a kit. Blackclaw and Pouncetail pounce on Antpelt, thumping his ears until he dashes out of the front entrance squealing after his Clanmates.

References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Battles of the Clans, page 104

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