"I suppose we'd better join in before she loses both her ears."

— Archeye in Code of the Clans, page 121


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Archeye is a gray tabby tom with black stripes, a thick stripe over one eye,[1] and patchy fur.[2]


He appears at Raggedkit and Scorchkit's apprentice ceremony, coming out of the warriors den with Crowtail and Hollyflower. Toadskip is heard whispering about why they were training half-kittypets before the ceremony began.

While Deerleap is showing Yellowpaw ShadowClan's territory, they see Archeye, Cedarstar, and Featherstorm returning to camp from a hunting patrol. He is seen sitting next to Featherstorm at Yellowpaw's second Gathering. He is part of the raid ShadowClan made on the rats at Carrionplace, and is in Stonetooth's patrol. He is partnered with Yellowpaw, and this is her first raid. They quickly found a rat, and he finally holds it down, and Yellowpaw kills it, thanking StarClan for their prey. When they get back to camp, he proudly says they both didn't have a scratch on them and that it was Yellowpaw who really caught the huge rat; and that he didn't help much. He tells her that she did well before they return to the others. After a skirmish against WindClan, Archeye comments that ShadowClan would be ready for them when Hollyflower says that WindClan won't go away.

Archeye is on a hunting patrol with Yellowfang, Amberleaf, and Wolfstep, and they see a WindClan patrol on ShadowClan territory. The patrolling WindClan cats consist of Redclaw, his apprentice, Shrewpaw, Dawnstripe, and Talltail. Archeye then starts the fight by attacking Redclaw, but soon, Raggedpelt comes along with a backup patrol of his own and they chase away the WindClan cats after Dawnstripe pulls Talltail away from the ShadowClan group. He also later praises Yellowfang on chasing away a badger, saying she showed how fierce ShadowClan warriors can be. He is seen smoothing out Raggedstar's fur shortly after his death, saying sadly that he should have stayed around much longer to care for his Clan for seasons to come.

When Archeye is on a border patrol with Brackenfoot, Crowclaw, and Hollyflower, he sniffs at a dead pigeon lying on the side of the Thunderpath. He comments that they would be able to take it home for fresh-kill that night, but Hollyflower stops him, pointing out that there wasn't enough meat left to bother with.

Shortly afterward, when Hollyflower spots a fox on ThunderClan's side of the border, Archeye asks if the creature was stalking them, but Crowclaw denies this, since foxes don't usually take on full-grown cats. Archeye then comments gleefully that ThunderClan wouldn't like a fox stealing their prey. When Hollyflower sees that the fox is after a kit wandering in ThunderClan territory instead, she rushes to defend him, and Archeye comments to Brackenfoot that they'd better help her before she gets her ears clawed off. Side-by-side, Archeye and Brackenfoot race across the Thunderpath screeching a battle cry, and leap into battle. As they approach, Archeye ducks low and strikes the fox's muzzle, causing it to flee in terror.

When the battle is over, the four warriors figure out that the kit is named Tigerkit. The young kit is amazed at the ShadowClan warriors' skill, and wishes he could fight like that. As the ShadowClan warriors head for the border, Tigerkit thanks them, promising to help them one day.


Archeye is a ShadowClan elder when Brokenstar banishes them from the camp. Him and Hollyflower, along with the other elders and Yellowfang, help build nests in the territory, and he is seen saying that he can hunt, so Nightpelt doesn't have to do all the work.

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