"Are we really supposed to forgive and forget? If they hadn’t given away all our secrets, the Dark Forest might never have attacked!"

—Berrynose’s opinion on the former Dark Forest trainees in Dovewing's Silence, Chapter 5


Highest Rank
Mouse and Hazel, half-siblings are Toadkit and Rosekit
Honeyfern (formerly) and Poppyfrost
No information
Previous Name(s)
Berry, Berrykit, and Berrypaw

Berrynose is a cream-colored[1] tom with a thick[2] stump for a tail,[3] a shredded ear-tip,[4] and bright eyes.[5]


Berry was born to Smoky and Daisy in the Horseplace with his littermates Mouse and Hazel. Daisy knew that her kits would be taken away from her if she stayed there. So she took her kits to ThunderClan, where the kits are renamed by Leafpool, Mousekit, Hazelkit, and Berrykit. Brambleclaw is shown to have an immediate interest in Berrykit, and even goes as far as secretly admiring his bravery.

Unfortunately this bravery leads Berrykit to sneak out of camp, which causes his tail to be caught in a fox-trap. Eventually a rescue party comes to his aid and after doing everything to save him, they manage to get Berrykit out of the trap. However even Leafpool cannot save his mangled tail, and she bites off the rest of it, leaving a stump.

This seems to be the end of Berrykit's troubles, until his mother Daisy decides that she must return to the Horseplace to protect her kits. Berrykit strongly protests against leaving ThunderClan, but it doesn't seem to have any affect on Daisy, because she leaves anyway.

Fortunately Cloudtail and a handful of ThunderClan warriors persuade Daisy and her kits to come home. Later in the book Sunset, when Brambleclaw is made deputy, it seems Berrykit is destined to become Brambleclaw's apprentice.


Berrypaw is shown to have become Brambleclaw's apprentice in The Sight along with his litter-mates, Mousepaw and Hazelpaw. Berrypaw works hard to become a warrior and is constantly mooned over by Honeypaw. Even though the other apprentices think he's arrogant and bossy, which he is, he is a skilled hunter and fighter and is respectful to the senior warriors.

Most of the time. Berrypaw supports his mentor when Graystripe returns to the Clans and is ready to fight when WindClan is convinced that ThunderClan stole their kits. During his warrior assessment Berrypaw is annoyed when Jaypaw disrupts his hunting.

But he still become a warrior. Despite being worried that Firestar will name him something like Berrystumpytail. Which his litter-mates deem ridiculous.


Berrynose became a warrior in Outcast along with Mousewhisker and Hazeltail. He is shown to have become Honeyfern's mate in Sunrise. While they were together, Honeyfern got bit by a snake, dying afterwards, and Berrynose is shown to be very upset at the loss of his mate. In The Fourth Apprentice, Berrynose has become Poppyfrost's mate, and she is expecting his kits. She gives birth to his son and daughter, Molekit and Cherrykit.

His kits become apprentices in The Forgotten Warrior, and they are shown to be warriors in Bramblestar's Storm, with the names Molewhisker and Cherryfall.


  • He has been described with a full length tail on multiple occasions.[6][7][8]
  • Vicky thinks that in the end Berrynose loves Poppyfrost more than Honeyfern, because they raised a family together.[9]


Mates: Honeyfern (formerly) and Poppyfrost

Father: Smoky

Mother: Daisy

Brother: Mousewhisker

Sister: Hazeltail

Half-Brother: Toadstep

Half-Sister: Rosepetal

Son: Molewhisker

Daughter: Cherryfall

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