"Your father could leap twice that distance, and land on the smallest leaf without disturbing a fly."

—Rabbitfur praising Birchface's jumping ability in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 3


Highest Rank
Oakstar, Shinecloud
Frecklewish, half-brother is Pineheart
No information
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
No information

Birchface is a dark brown, almost-black tabby[1] tom[2] with amber eyes.[3]


Birchface is mentioned during a gathering, by one of the RiverClan warrior, Rainfall. When Mapleshade into Rainfall she remembers the battle at Sunningrocks. Rainfall hisses to remember what happened to Birchface and his apprentice, Flowerpaw. Mapleshade stumbles as she recalls what happened to the son of Oakstar, ThunderClan's leader; the dark tabby was stricken by Appledusk so hard, that he had fallen from the very top of Sunningrocks, and down to the river below. Seeing this, his apprentice, Flowerpaw, jumped in after him in an attempt to save him. Flowerpaw's efforts were for naught, however, as both mentor and apprentice are killed by the water. The current was too strong, and both cats were found down alongside a calmer patch of the water, near ThunderClan's shores, as if they were trying to find a way home.

After the Gathering Mapleshade annoces that she is expecting kits. Frecklewish thinks that they are Birchface's kits.

Few moons later, Birchface is again mentioned, but this time for Rabbitfur, a ThunderClan elder.


Father: Oakstar

Mother: Shinecloud

Sister: Frecklewish

Half-Brother: Pinestar

Refrences and Citations

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  2. Revealed in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 1
  3. Revealed on Vicky's Facebook

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