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"We are still bound by our alliance during the Great Battle! This is a problem faced by all the Clans, and therefore we should deal with it together. There cannot be any inequity between us."

—Blackstar about the alliance during the great battle Dovewing's Silence, Chapter 3


ShadowClan and Rogue (formerly)
Highest Rank
Flintpaw and Fernpaw
No information
No information
No information
Tallpoppy and Dawncloud
Previous Name(s)
Blackkit, Blackpaw and Blackfoot
Known for
Flintfang and Fernshade's brother

Blackstar is a white tom with jet-black paws,[1] a long tail,[2] a scarred,[3] patchy pelt,[4] and six toes on one of his paws.[5]


Blackkit was born into ShadowClan to Hollyflower and an unknown male cat. His siblings were Flintfang and Fernshade. 


Blackpaw became the apprentice to an unspecified cat. He trains along with Nightpaw, Clawpaw, Flintpaw, and Fernpaw to become a warrior.


Blackfoot became a warrior at the time Brokenstar was an apprentice named Brokenpaw. He is shown to be a strong, powerful warrior and respected well among his Clanmates.


Blackfoot became the deputy once Brokenstar became leader. He is noted to be a very popular choice. During Yellowfang's exile, he is shown to show her sympathy, as he respected the medicine cat. Though it is highly believed he disliked what Brokenstar did, he obeyed his leader's commands.

When Tigerstar became leader of ShadowClan, Blackfoot resumed to his role as deputy. Though he disliked most of Tigerstar's commands as well, Blackfoot always had secretly been loyal to him, since he had brought him back to ShadowClan.


When the ThunderClan patrol came to drive Brokenstar out, Blackfoot was one of the cats to run away with his leader. Brokenstar ordered the rogues to attack ThunderClan and takes part in that battle. Though their attack fails, and Brokenstar is blinded and renamed Brokentail, Blackfoot possibly took charge of the rogues while his leader was gone and Tigerclaw still seemed to be loyal.

Tigerclaw later recruits Blackfoot and the other rogues. He participates in the battle with Tigerclaw to kill Bluestar, though they fail. Tigerclaw flees with the gang and becomes the leader of them. They later return to ShadowClan, where Tigerclaw becomes Tigerstar, and Blackfoot returns to being the deputy.


After the death of Tigerstar, Blackfoot becomes the leader of ShadowClan, then known as Blackstar, his evil ways forgotten and reformed. He appoints Russetfur, a former rogue as well, as his deputy. Along with the rest of the Clans, Blackstar leads his Clan to the lake.

Tawnypelt finds a marshy area where ShadowClan currently lives. Moons later, a loner named Sol comes and persuades Blackstar that StarClan wasn't real. He believes the traveler, and changes his name back to Blackfoot.

With the help of Tigerpaw, Flamepaw, and Dawnpaw, Lionblaze, Jaypaw, and Hollyleaf are able to fake a sign. This fake sign actually turns into a real one to where Runningnose and Raggedstar come and tells Blackfoot to return as leader of ShadowClan.

Agreeing, Blackstar is angry with himself that he allowed Sol to make him believe in what he said, and casts him out. When it is revealed that Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing have powers, he shows interest in Lionblaze's power, saying his deputy told him that Ratscar shredded him.

Lionblaze retorts that he let him do that. He participates in the Great War. Here, Blackstar loses a life, but not his last one. It is unknown how many lives he has left. Lionblaze saves the ShadowClan leader's life by killing Shredtail.

Blackstar is proud to be fighting alongside the strongest warrior. He also kills Redwillow, a traitor that lived in his Clan. At the end of this battle, he is shown to have lived. He was the oldest leader among all the cats ever since Leopardstar died, until he died in Bramblestar's Storm.












  • He has mistakenly been listed with only one jet-black forepaw several times.
  • Vicky has mentioned on her Facebook page that Raggedstar and Nightstar possibly gave Blackstar two of his lives.
  • He has been mentioned with a black pelt.
  • In Cats of the Clans he is said to have been Nightstar and Tigerstar's deputy, however he was Tigerstar and Brokenstar's deputy. He was a rogue during all of Nightstar's leadership.
  • In Starlight he was mistakenly called Blackclaw, though he may have been confused with a RiverClan warrior, Blackclaw.
  • He comes from a long line of polydactyl cats, and has six toes on one of his back feet.
  • He has been called by his warrior name, Blackfoot, long after he became leader.
  • He has been mistakenly depicted without his black paws.

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