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Highest Rank
Formerly the Leader of ThunderClan
Previous Name(s)
Bluekit, Bluepaw and Bluefur
Known For
Leader of ThunderClan when Firestar joined


Bluekit was born in ThunderClan.

Her mother was Moonflower and her father was Stormtail.

Her litter-mate was her sister Snowkit.

She looked more like her father with her blue-gray fur and blue eyes.

When she opens her eyes, her and Snowkit go and explore the camp for the first time with Patchkit and Leopardkit.

She and Snowkit accidently go into the warriors den and wake a warrior up.

Then they are guided out by the medicine cat apprentice, Featherpaw, who introduces them to the elders. After, they meet their father and their uncle, the medicine cat, Goosefeather.

Goosefeather later shows them his den, where Snowkit accidentally eats poppy seeds and gets into trouble.

Then, Pinestar calls a meeting and Patchkit and Leopardkit are made into apprentices.

Many moons later, Sweetkit, Rosekit, Thistlekit are born along with Lionkit and Goldenkit. The clan deputy, Sunfall then proceeds to show her the territory, when she complains about how cramped the nursery is, and they run into the dawn patrol that reports WindClan being caught stealing prey.

When they report it to Pinestar, he decides not to do anything, because there was no proof.


Bluepaw got Stonepelt as her mentor, while her sister, Snowfur got Sparrowpelt.

After being an apprentice for only a few days, Bluepaw's mother, Moonflower was killed by Hawkheart in a WindClan battle, cashing her to go through mild depression.

When Stonepelt retired due to a bad wound, she is given Sunfall as her mentor.


Bluefur and Snowfur became warriors.

Bluefur got the apprentice Frostpaw who later became Frostfur.

Sunstar became leader after Pinestar left.

Sunstar makes Tawnyspots deputy.

Bluefur, Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw run into Tiny in the forest.

She stopped Tigerpaw from hurting Tiny despite of what Thistleclaw thinks.


Bluefur became mates with Oakheart from RiverClan, and gave birth to one male kit named Stonekit and two females named Mistykit and Mosskit.

At that time Thistleclaw was close to becoming deputy, and he would destroy the Clan with his anger and hate.

Bluefur knew she had to stop him somehow but she could not do anything with kits, not all of her kits lived.

She ended up losing Mosskit due to cold and harsh weather.


Bluefur decided to take her kits to Oakheart so they can live in RiverClan and she can save her clan by becoming deputy.

Sadly, Mosskit died when she was taking them to RiverClan.

Oakheart took the two remaining kits to RiverClan and she never talked to them again.

Sunstar made her deputy instead of Thistleclaw after Tawnyspots retired. She was deputy for a while and soon became leader after Sunstar lost his last life because of a dog.


Bluestar got her nine lives and became the new leader of ThunderClan.

She named Redtail her new deputy and at the time Spottedleaf was the new medicine cat.

During a walk with Lionheart and Tigerclaw, they spotted an orange young cat named Rusty in the forest.

Later she decided to ask this fire pelted tom if he would like to join ThunderClan.

Before hand she found out from Spottedleaf that "Fire would save the clan."

Rusty joined the Clan and Bluestar named him Firepaw.

That night Redtail died and so Bluestar named Lionheart the new deputy.

For a while things were calm till ShadowClan revealed that they had evicted WindClan from their territory in order to get more hunting grounds.

Brokenstar asked for hunting rights in ThunderClan territory but Bluestar declined.

Not long later the ThunderClan camp was invaded by a group fo ShadowClan cats but ThunderClan managed to drive them off but not with out losts.

Lionheart had be killed during the fight and Bluestar was forced to named a new deputy.

This time she named Tigerclaw the new deputy.

She then took over Firepaw's mentoring.

She allowed a ShadowClan cat named Yellowfang to join her Clan after she had been exiled by Brokenstar.

Spottedleaf was killed leaving ThunderClan without a Medicine Cat.

Thing only got worse when three kits were stolen by Clawface and taken to ShadowClan's camp.

After the kits were saved and ShadowClan was freed of Brokenstar, Bluestar allowed Yellowfang to remain in ThunderClan as the new medicine cat.

For their bravory she made Fireheart and Graystripe warriors.

The first thing she had these two new warriors do was bring back WindClan.

She soon named Sandstorm and Dustpelt warriors and gave Fireheart an apprentice named Cinderpaw and Graystripe an apprentice named Brackenpaw.

Tigerclaw was revealed to have killed Redtail thanks to Fireheart.

She later goes crazy after she finds out that Tigerclaw, her former deputy, was planning on taking over and would kill her inorder to do it and she later rebels against StarClan, and when she renamed Brightpaw to Lostface, who was attacked by Tigerstar's half trained dog pack and she believed it was not cruel.

She later dies, in the dog attack that Tigerclaw, which is exiled, had led to destroy ThunderClan.

She drowned in the river, trying to save the clan from Tigerclaw's dog pack. Even though Fireheart managed to pull her on shore, she dies shortly after she shares tongues with her two kits (Mistystar and Stonefur) for the first and last time.



Bluestar hunting in the grass

Mother: Moonflower

Father: Stormtail

Uncle: Goosefeather

Sister: Snowfur

Mate: Oakheart

Son: Stonefur

Daughters: Mistystar and Mosskit

Grandson: Reedwhisker

Nephew: Whitestorm


  • Bluefur might have named Stonefur after her mentor Stonepelt.
  • Bluestar had another daughter, Mosskit. But Mosskit died before she got to RiverClan.
  • Thrushpelt was her pretend "mate" when her three kits were born.
  • Bluestar was going to be named Moonstar, but it was the StarClan territory names, even though her mother was named Moonflower.




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