"No cat could have doubted Bone's loyalty to his cruel leader, and perhaps it is a tragedy that he never had the chance to live the life of a true Clan warrior."

—Narrator's thoughts on Bone and his loyalty The Ultimate Guide, page 198


BloodClan, Rogue (formerly)
Highest Rank
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Previous Name(s)
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Bone is a huge, broad-shouldered,[1] muscular, battle-scarred,[2] black-and-white tom[1] with long legs,[3] green eyes,[4] a scar between his eyes,[5] and a collar studded with teeth from dogs and claws from cats.[6]


He believed in the young cat and became one of his followers when Scourge became the leader of BloodClan. He was Scourge's right-hand cat and often delt with manners not worth Scourge's time.

Most cats mistook him as the leader of BloodClan.

His faith in Scourge ended up killing him when he was killed by a swarm of apprentices after he killed Whitestorm in the battle with the clans.

Because he didn't believe in StarClan, once the swarm of apprentices killed Bone, he faded into nothing.

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