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"Every leaf and every blade of grass reminds me of her. I know she's watching over me and her kits from StarClan. One day we'll meet again. I would wait forever to see her face once more."

—Brackenfur to Bramblestar after Sorreltail's death Bramblestar's Storm, page 31


Highest Rank
Senior Warrior
Graystripe, Fireheart (Not official and temporarily)
Tawnypaw, Whitepaw, Hollypaw, Tigerpaw (temporarily) and Icepaw (temporarily)
Previous Name(s)
Known for
No information

Brackenfur is a golden-brown tabby tom with A graying muzzle and amber eyes.


Brackenkit is born to Frostfur along with Cinderkit, Brightpaw, and Thornkit.

He, his brother, and his sisters were taken from ThunderClan by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior and one of Brokenstar's followers.

When Spottedleaf gets in Clawface's way, he kills her. They are imprisoned in the ShadowClan camp and are heavily guarded until Firepaw, Graypaw, Ashfur, Dawncloud, Nightpelt, and Yellowfang rescue them and get them back to camp.

They run to Frostfur and nuzzle her. He is not mentioned in the rest of Into the Wild, though.


He and Cinderkit are later apprenticed to Fireheart and Graystripe, now named Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw.

Cinderpaw gets Fireheart, and Brackenpaw gets Graystripe. He is calmer during their apprentice ceremony.

In one of their training sessions, his sister runs down to the frozen river. His mentor tries to catch a water vole, but the ice cracks. Brackenpaw stares at him in horror, until Silverstream comes to the rescue.

This leads Graystripe to fall in love with her and Silverstream does the same thing. So Fireheart does most of his training after Cinderpaw cripples her leg permanently and becomes Yellowfang's apprentice.

When Brokenstar and his rogues Blackfoot, Russetfur, Jaggedtooth, Boulder, and Clawface attack, he is not mentioned, after the other rogues flee and Brokenstar is blinded and has lost two lives, Bluestar gives Brokenstar shelter in the camp and renames him Brokentail.

Brackenpaw sees later that Tallstar, Nightstar, and their Clans are furious about Brokentail and they attack.

Brackenpaw is training with Fireheart at that moment and he is the first to sent them. Fireheart warns ThunderClan and RiverClan fights on ThunderClan's side.


He recieves his name, Brackenfur. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, later, Bluestar gives him his first apprentice, Tawnypaw.

Right before the battle with TigerClan, he and Bramblepaw notice that Tawnypaw is missing and tell Firestar. He whimpers that it's his fault.

Firestar tells him how Goldenflower reacted and Bramblepaw says that she was FRANTIC. He, much later, gets a another apprentice, Whitepaw, and then Hollypaw.

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