"Either way, you have until moonhigh to decide what you are going to do. And if you decide not to would be best for you to leave this place for good."

— Brick to Tiny in The Rise of Scourge, page 48


BloodClan and Rogue (formerly)
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Brick is a ginger tom[1] with a patch of fur missing on his upper back.[2]


Brick and Bone find Tiny sleeping in a tire. Bone wakes Tiny up and introduces himself and Brick. Once Tiny comes out of the tire, Brick asks if it's true that he fought the dogs. When Tiny lies and confirms this, Brick asks Tiny to come with them gesturing in a direction.

Once they arrive at the place he, looking towards the end of the alley, explains that a dog has made it's den in the alley and Bone tags on that it's too big and strong for the cats to chase it away. He then faces Tiny asking him if he will fight the dog for them. When Tiny doesn't respond, Bone doubts Tiny's claim that he could fight dogs, but Brick tells Tiny that even if he was lying, he still has until moonhigh to decide whether he's going to fight and if he isn't, it would be best for him to leave.


After Tiny proves himself and is renamed Scourge, Brick and Bone take the position as body guards and soon they tell Scourge that word's getting around that he's the new cat in charge. When a group of rogues are disturbing the peace, he and Bone report it to Scourge and lead him to where the rogues are residing.

Bone and Brick watch Scourge as he encounters several members of the rogue group and then witness him slice the neck and thus killing off a rogue cat. When Ruby and Socks come to Scourge but are dismissed, he and Bone make sure that they get out of BloodClan territory.


  • Vicky has stated on her Facebook that she thinks Brick was a dark ginger tom with amber eyes. He was later confirmed as a ginger tom.

References and Citations

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  2. Revealed in The Rise of Scourge, page 46

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