"Aren't we going to attack ShadowClan? They slaughtered Brindleface and led the dog pack to our camp! Don't you want revenge?"

—Cloudtail about Brindleface in The Darkest Hour, page 28


Highest Rank
Redtail (formerly)
Ashpaw, Fernpaw, Sandkit, two unnamed kits
No information
Previous Name(s)
Brindlekit, Brindlepaw

Brindleface is a dappled,[1] mottled, gray tabby[2] she-cat[3] with green eyes.[4]


Brindlekit is shown as a kit in Bluestar's Prophecy. She was born along with her sister Frostkit to her parents Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. It is mentioned that they were not their mother's first litter, so Brindlekit has unknown half-sibling(s). Her foster brother becomes Whitekit, and they are shown to be good friends.


Brindlepaw and Frostpaw aren't mentioned as apprentices very much in Bluestar's Prophecy, but it is mentioned that Stormtail was her mentor.


Brindleface is said to be a warrior in Bluestar's Prophecy, and her sister becomes Frostfur. Brindleface later becomes a queen and eventually becomes a warrior again in Rising Storm. She is attacked by dogs and killed to give the dogs a taste for blood.


Brindleface became a queen sometime in between Bluestar's Prophecy and Into the Wild after she became Redtail's mate and gave birth to Sandkit. Some time later, she gave birth to four more kits; Ashpaw, Fernpaw, and two unnamed kits.

After two of her second litter died, Brindleface was upset. In Fire and Ice, Fireheart asks Brindleface to nurse Cloudkit because she still has milk left, and, a bit reluctantly, takes him in as her foster son.


Father: Fuzzypelt

Mother: Robinwing

Brothers: Dustpelt, Ravenpaw

Sister: Frostfur

Half-Brother: Longtail

Mate: Redtail (formerly)

Sons: Ashfur, two unnamed kits

Daughters: Sandstorm, Ferncloud

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