Broken Shadow

"You're lucky Jay's Wing survived the challenge! Have you forgotten that Fallen Leaves never came out of the tunnels?"

—Broken Shadow Long Shadows, page 187

Broken Shadow

Ancient Tribe, The Ancients (formerly)
Highest Rank
No information
No information
Fallen Leaves and unnamed kits
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
No information

Broken Shadow is a orange[1]-and-white[2] tabby she-cat[3] with thick fur,[4] white paws, and amber eyes.[1]


Her mate was Stone Song and her only son that was mentioned was Fallen Leaves.

She watched her eldest kit, Fallen Leaves, go into the tunnels. She warned him she thought it might rain but he ignored her and headed into the tunnels anyway, where he drowned trying to become a sharpclaw.

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