"Don't waste your time, apprentice! I've shared dreams with StarClan. You will have to kill me nine times over before I join them. Do you really think you're strong enough to do that?"

—Brokenstar to Firepaw during the battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan in Into the Wild, page 262


ShadowClan, ThunderClan (formerly) and, Rogue (formerly)
Highest Rank
No information
No information
Stumpypaw, Mosspaw, Volepaw
Previous Name(s)
Brokenkit, Brokenpaw, Brokentail

Brokenstar is a scarred,[1] dark brown tabby[2] tom,[3] with very unusually long,[4] thick,[5] patchy,[6] matted,[7] ragged fur,[8] blind,[9] bright amber eyes,[10] a scarred,[6] flat face,[11] torn ears,[12] and a bend in the middle of his tail.[11]


Brokenkit was born in secret to Yellowfang and Raggedpelt. Yellowfang gave birth to him and two of his sisters outside camp in a tree. Sadly, the sisters died and Yellowfang gave up her kit to another nursing queen (Lizardstripe), who with some persuading from Raggedpelt, finally to take the kit in. Yellowfang named him Brokenkit because of her broken heart.


Brokenpaw is apprenticed to Nightpelt by Cedarstar to try and soften some of his anger. This however was in vain and Brokenpaw was always sharp-tongued, scornful and vicious with his training. When Cedarstar dies and Raggedpelt becomes Raggedstar, Brokenpaw becomes a warrior only after five moons of training.


He was deputy for two moons before he killed Raggedstar.


Brokenstar apprenticed kits too young, and most of them died. He forced ShadowClan to eat crowfood so they could focus on being good fighters. Yellowfang found her mother's kits, bleeding. Brokenstar took this chance and exiled her. Brokenstar drove WindClan from their home for more territory, and asks ThunderClan and RiverClan to allow them onto their territory.

Brokenstar sends Clawface to ThunderClan camp, and he kills Spottedleaf and kitnaps Frostfur's kits; Cinderkit, BrackenpawThornkit and Brightpaw. Brokenstar is attacked by ThunderClan and driven from ShadowClan.


Brokenstar leads an attack on ThunderClan. Clawface is killed, and he is blinded and kept prisoner at ThunderClan. Yellowfang reveals to Fireheart that she is Brokenstar's mother.


Brokentail is kept prisoner at camp. WindClan and ShadowClan try to attack ThunderClan to kill Brokentail, but ThunderClan drives them away.

Tigerclaw plots with Brokentail, and leads Brokentail's rogues into camp to try and kill Bluestar. After the attack, Yellowfang realizes ThunderClan is not safe, and secretly feeds Brokentail deathberries, killing him. Before he died, Yellowfang revealed to him that she is his mother.

Dark Forest

Brokenstar fights with Breezepelt to defeat Jayfeather at the Moonpool when he attacks. Brokenstar is revealed to be training cats from the clans, and scolds Hawkfrost and Breezepelt. Brokenstar spots Yellowfang, Spottedleaf and Jayfeather when they visit the Dark Forest, and he pretends he is not training cats. Sunrises later, Brokenstar tells Ivypaw he has a "special mission" for her.

He takes her into the depths of the forest, to Flametail, who got lost from StarClan while gathering herbs. Brokenstar tries to make Ivypaw kill Flametail, before Tigerheart stops her. Tigerstar tells Brokenstar that Flametail only knows how to gather herbs, and is no use to them. Brokenstar later is shown to be training Blossomfall. Brokenstar appears to be leading the Dark Forest, and he calls a meeting with the phrase "All cats old enough to kill their enemies".

Brokenstar is present when Ivypool asks to be a full Dark Forest warrior. She kills Antpelt on his command, and he congratulates her, though doesn't tell her when the batlle is coming. Brokenstar plots with the full Dark Forest warriors about destroying the Clans. He agrees to attack "at the heart of the clan," which turns out to be the nursery. When he calls one "apprentice" from each clan and tells them the real plan, Beetlewhisker refuses to join and flees. Brokenstar kills him.

He asks the other apprentices if they would like to leave. Breezepelt says no without thinking. Applefur, horrified, says no and Ivypool says no (as she is a spy). He then says anyone who leaves he will kill, and looks Applefur in the face and says "starting with you." During the Dark Forest battle, he kills Ferncloud. Enraged, Yellowfang kills him again, therefore vanishing him into nothingness.


  • His mother, Yellowfang, named him Brokenkit because of the way she felt having left him, but also knowing that every cat would think it is because of his broken-like tail.[13]
  • Brokenstar's greatest fear is a lack of respect for him from other cats.[14]
  • Both times Brokenstar died, Yellowfang was responsible for his death.[15][16]
  • He is older than Tigerstar.[17]
  • Before he died the first time, he was blind.[9]
  • In Cats of the Clans, Rock stated that Brokenstar was unaware of the fact that Raggedstar was his father.[18] However, in Yellowfang's Secret, Brokenstar is raised knowing who his father is.[19] Oddly, the dialogue in the manga at the end of Yellowfang's Secret, when Brokenstar is killed remains the same as it was in Forest of Secrets, with Yellowfang revealing to him that he killed his own father as if he is unaware of his paternal heritage.[20]
  • In Secrets of the Clans, Raggedstar is a leader when Brokenkit is born, but he's a deputy in Yellowfang's Secret at the time.[13]
  • There are a few inconsistencies with his first Gathering during Bluestar's Prophecy and Yellowfang's Secret.
    • In Bluestar's Prophecy, Brokenpaw starts a fight with two RiverClan apprentices,[21] but in Yellowfang's Secret, he starts a fight between two WindClan apprentices.[22]
    • Leopardfoot said that Cedarstar assigned Brokenpaw to clean the elders' den for the next moon in Bluestar's Prophecy,[23] but Yellowfang's Secret doesn't show that happening, and even if it did happen, it would have been away from Fourtrees, where she couldn't have heard the punishment, as ShadowClan left as soon as the Gathering was over.[24]









Foster Mother:


Foster Brothers:


Foster Sister:


















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