"You’re not the leader of the Clan! Brokenstar is! And if he says I can train, then I will!"

— Brownkit to Yellowfang in Yellowfang's Secret, page 457

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Brownpaw is a tom[1] with an unknown description.


Brownkit is born to Newtspeck along with his brothers, Littlekit and Wetkit. The young kit later awakens Yellowfang in her den, complaining of pain and favoring one of his front legs. Yellowfang discovers that the kit wrenched his shoulder and Brownkit explains that Brokenstar had him training with the other kits and Mosspaw. He expresses his excitement, trying to give a swipe with his injured leg. Yellowfang says he is too young to leave camp let alone train.

Brownkit retorts his nearly three moons old and that's when Mosspaw was made an apprentice. Brownkit tells Yellowfang she should see Mosspaw's fighting now as he is skilled. Yellowfang reassures she is sure he is, but orders Brownkit to stop training. Brownkit retorts that she isn't the leader, Brokenstar is. If he says he can train, then Brownkit will. Yellowfang still confines him to camp though until his shoulder heals.

When Brokenstar announces that Mosspaw has died, Brownkit gives a shriek, which quickly turns to excited squeals when Brokenstar announces he wants to commend the kits' bravery by making them apprentices. Brownkit is apprenticed to Stumpytail, taking on the name Brownpaw.


Brownpaw is taken out to see the territory, noting that he doesn't seem as excited as normal apprentice. That will soon change when he sees how big the territory really is.


Mother: Newtspeck

Brothers: Littlecloud, Wetfoot

Uncle: Frogtail

Aunt: Ashheart

Cousins: Quietkit, Turtlekit, Rubblekit

References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Yellowfang's Secret, page 457

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