"With each challenge and each blow landed, lives are changed forever."

— Cedarheart telling a story in Battles of the Clans, page 149


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Cedarheart is a dark gray tom.[1]


He is only ever mentioned in the allegiances as Russetfur's apprentice.


In Midnight, he becomes a warrior.

When ThunderClan visits ShadowClan, a patrol thinks they're trespassing and launch an attack. Cedarheart attacks Leafpaw, and then begins to battle Brackenfur. When Firestar commands them to stop, Russetfur sends Cedarheart back to the camp for reinforcements.

As the Clans are reaching the end of their journey to find a new home, Cedarheart is seen prowling along the outskirts of the group, watching for foxes and badgers.

When Brambleclaw accidentally crosses the new ShadowClan border, Rowanclaw provokes him while the rest of the patrol - Cedarheart, Talonpaw, and Oakfur, appear next to him. When the rest of Brambleclaw's patrol shows up, the warriors are prepared to spring, until Firestar interferes.

When Mudclaw rebels against Onewhisker, Cedarheart supports him along with a few other cats, and is seen fighting with Brambleclaw.

When Talonpaw, a ShadowClan apprentice, is killed by two fierce kittypets named Jacques and Susan, Cedarheart is part of the patrol that plans to get revenge for Talonpaw's murder. His leg is badly injured by the Twolegs who own the two kittypets, as they throw objects at the patrol to scare them away.

Later, when a ThunderClan patrol offers to help them fight the kittypets, Blackstar refuses their assistance. Cedarheart tells Blackstar not be a fool and accept ThunderClan's help. Blackstar hesitates, but agrees reluctantly. He then adds in that Cedarheart cannot join the patrol, since his leg was not fully healed yet, much to the warrior's dismay.

When Berrykit's tail is trapped in a fox trap, Cedarheart and a patrol consisting of Russetfur and Oakfur watch him, refusing to help him because he is born with kittypet blood.

Later, when ShadowClan tries to steal some of ThunderClan's territory, Cedarheart is seen battling with Thornclaw, until Brambleclaw manages to pull him off.


Between Sunset and The Sight, Cedarheart retires as an elder. This may be due to his leg injury and it is noted that he is still a young warrior when he retires.

He is one of the cats that the carrionplace disease had not taken victim. While Tigerclaw and his band of rogues visit ShadowClan to help replenish their prey, Cedarheart is seen with the elders of his Clan, sharing a pigeon with his denmates.

When Tigerclaw speaks up that it's time for he and his friends to depart, Cedarheart seems to be disappointed, and asks if they can stay to hear him tell a story of when he found a badger in the marshes of ShadowClan territory. Tigerclaw feigns disappointment, saying that he'd love to hear that story, but his friends have imposed on ShadowClan enough for one day.

When Jaypaw, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze are spying on ShadowClan, they overhear Blackstar talking during a Clan meeting. Cedarheart is one of the cats that speaks up and agrees with Blackstar.

After Russetfur's death in the ShadowClan camp, he mourns her death with the rest of ShadowClan, saying that she was his mentor and taught him well.

Cedarheart and Tallpoppy complain about the snow before making nests outside their den. He is later seen in the elder's den coughing as Flametail goes to check on him. He is given tansy for his sickness.


Cedarheart is seen in StarClan along with Hollyflower, Raggedstar, and Russetfur when Jayfeather and Spottedleaf need to cross the StarClan-ShadowClan border to find Flametail. Cedarheart persuades Russetfur to allow Jayfeather and Spottedleaf to pass to find Flametail.

Cedarheart is briefly seen during the battle against the Dark Forest helping Littlecloud and Whitewater with the herbs.


References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Midnight

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