"All kits are special! To their mothers, they are the most perfect creatures that ever walked in the forest. But as medicine cats, we must treat our Clanmates as equals. None is more deserving of our care than another. You should know that by now."

— Cloudberry to Goosefeather in Goosefeather's Curse, chapter 8

Cloudberry (TC)

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Medicine Cat
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Cloudberry is a thick[1] and long-furred white she-cat with yellow eyes[2] and a flattened muzzle.[3]


  • Vicky revealed that Cloudberry is the medicine cat to succeed Ravenwing on her Facebook page.[4]
  • Vicky likes a fans idea that Cloudberry is a warrior turned medicine cat from a different Clan and moved to ThunderClan to help them.[5] This is proven true for Cloudberry being in a different Clan, as she is a former RiverClan cat.[6]
  • Vicky implies on her facebook that Cloudberry is a tom,[5] however, in Goosefeather's Curse, Cloudberry is a she-cat.[2]

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