"You may be ill, but that's no excuse to behave as if your brain is full of bees. Of course you'll be better soon. You survived the mountains. You can survive a bit of smoke in your lungs. Besides, it's not just the kits who need you. You're our leader now, don't forget. You have duties to fulfill."

— Cloud Spots to Gray Wing about his importance in the group in Thunder Rising, page 201-202

Dapplepelt and Cloudspots

ThunderClan, Ancient Tribe (formerly), Rogue (formerly), Tall Shadow's Camp (formerly), Clear Sky's Camp (formerly) and Thunder's Camp (formerly)
Highest Rank
Medicine Cat
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Previous Name(s)
Cloud Spots

Cloudspots is a long-furred, black tom with a white chest, white ears and two white front paws.[1]

Medicine Cat

Cloudspots is an ancient ThunderClan medicine cat. He is described as inquiring, curious, thoughtful, and sometimes shy and reserved. He is chosen by StarClan to be ThunderClan's first medicine cat when Mothflight discovers the Moonstone.

He is very interested in the theory of medicine, but not as fond of taking care of sick kits. One of Cloudspots's achievements is discovering the difference between Greencough and whitecough, and identifying catmint as a possible cure.

References and Citations

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