"After all that, I knew better than to go near Twolegs again. And I realized there were parts of the warrior code I might not understand but they were there for a reason. Seeing my Clanmates listen to my story so eagerly, made me want to be a warrior, like Fireheart, who really was a hero. More than anything, I wanted to be a loyal ThunderClan warrior."

—Cloudtail in Secrets of the Clans, page 119


ThunderClan, Kittypet (formerly)
Highest Rank
Senior Warrior
Princess, foster mother is Brindleface
Four unnamed kits, foster siblings are Ashpaw, Fernpaw
Previous Name(s)
Cloudkit, Cloudpaw

Cloudtail is a fluffy,[1] thick[2] and long-furred,[3] snowy[4]-white tom[5] with blue eyes.[6]


Princess gave Cloudkit to Fireheart so he could be raised as a warrior.

Cloudkit was her firstborn, and the clan did accept him, but many didn't like a kittypet being brought into the camp. Cloudkit pretended not to notice the others dislike for him, but later on he confessed he did notice the looks.


Cloudpaw moved out of the nursery and was apprenticed to Fireheart. When he figured out that he was a kittypet he did not know what that meant so Fireheart told him what it was.

When he was a apprentice he met his mother Princess. She was very proud of him getting to be an apprentice. The other apprentices that were in his den was Brightpaw, Thornpaw, Swiftpaw, Fernpaw, and Ashpaw.

In reference to The Rising Storm, Cloudpaw went out hunting one day, and came across some twoleg food. He ate it, finding out he had liked it so much that he went back everyday. It wasn't long before Fireheart and Sandstorm noticed that Cloudpaw was fatter than most of the apprentices even though it was leaf-bare.

Fireheart found out and scorned him for it, but Cloudpaw kept visiting the twolegs and eating their food anyway. One time when he went to eat twoleg food, the twolegs captured him. The twolegs took Cloudpaw away.

As soon as Fireheart and Sandstorm saw the Twolegs throw Cloudpaw into their monster and take off, Fireheart bounded off on the Thunderpath to save him. Sorrow surged threw Fireheart as he noticed the monster was too fast. Fireheart made it back to camp with injured pads. He and Sandstorm informed Bluestar about the capturing. Cloudpaw was thought to be lost. However, luck was on his side when he was spotted by an old friend of Fireheart's, Ravenpaw, who lived on a farm near Cloudpaw's new home, had seen him and told both Fireheart and Sandstorm about his location. Ravenpaw, Fireheart and Sandstorm were able to get Cloudpaw out, but he was punished when he got back to camp.  


Cloudpaw became a warrior around the time the dog pack was attacked.

He was given the name Cloudtail. Bluestar made him a warrior before the other apprentices because she was angry at StarClan at the time.

Cloudtail was given a warrior name but none of the other apprentices were. Swiftpaw decided to do  something so brave so that Bluestar would give his warrior name too.  He and Brightpaw asked the other apprentices to do something brave to but the others said no. He and Brightpaw went to go kill the dog pack that was terrorizing their clan.

Swiftpaw was killed and Brightpaw barely survived.

Brightpaw was found and she was taken back to Cinderpelt's den. All she could say was "Pack pack!" and "Kill kill!". She was named Lostface by Bluestar as a reminder of what StarClan did to her face.

Cloudtail helped her recover and taught her battle moves. When Bluestar died and Fireheart took over and became Firestar, Cloudtail asked him if he could rename Lostface.

He said yes and she was named Brightheart. Cloudtail taught the injured Brightheart how to fight with one eye and she soon became mates with Cloudtail.

In Firestar's Quest, Brightheart gave birth to Cloudtail's single daughter, Whitekit, who soon became Whitewing. Also, Cloudtail received his first apprentice, Rainpaw.

During the Sight, Sorreltail's daughter Cinderpaw became Cloudtail's second apprentice. She soon became a warrior. Later, Cloudtail got Toadpaw as his third apprentice, who became Toadstep. During The Last Hope, Brightheart gave birth to another litter of kits, a she-kit; Amberkit and two toms; Snowkit and Dewkit.

Cloudtail fought in the Battle of the Stars and survived, but sadly, Firestar lost his last life. Cloudtail is still living in ThunderClan today.


  • Cherith thinks that Cloudtail will go to StarClan, although he would be very surprised.[7]
  • Cloudtail never loved Daisy.[7]
  • Smudge was not Cloudtail's father.[8]


Mother: Princess

Uncle: Firestar

Mate: Brightheart

Daughters: Ambermoon, Whitewing

Sons: Dewnose, Snowbush

Foster Mother: Brindleface

Foster Brother: Ashfur

Foster Sister: Ferncloud

Grandfather: Jake

Grandmother: Nutmeg

Half-Uncles: Scourge, Socks

Half-Aunt: Ruby

Granddaughters: Dovewing, Ivypool, Leafshade, Honeyfur

Grandson: Larksong

Cousins: Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Alderheart, Sparkpelt, Juniperkit, Dandelionkit

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