"Listen well, young kittypets. The history of our Clans is alive around you, preserved in the memories of every cat."

— Dapplenose to the reader in Battles of the Clans, page 100


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Dapplenose is a mottled gray she-cat.[1]


She is mentioned when Jaypaw enters Willowpaw's dream at the Moonpool. Willowpaw asks Mudfur if she was right to give Dapplepaw assurance rather than herbs for her bellyache. Mudfur replies that Dapplepaw will get better on her own, and that the herbs will be saved for a cat that was worse off.


In Outcast, Dapplepaw is now seen as a warrior known as Dapplenose.


Dapplenose and Pouncetail move to the elders in The Fourth Apprentice.

Mistyfoot finds Dapplenose and Pouncetail at RiverClan's favorite basking place, a sandy slope. She tells the two elders that they must find a place to bury Leopardstar. Dapplenose gets to her paws and tells her leader that she knows just the place. She leads them to a small clearing with a view of the surrounding areas and says that she had always thought that this would be the perfect spot for Leopardstar.

Mistyfoot agrees and asks of the tom and she-cat are able to dig the hole. Pouncetail snorts, telling her that they could and Dapplenose tells Mistyfoot to ignore Pouncetail, telling her that they could manage. She tells Mistyfoot to go back to camp to eat and rest, saying that Mistyfoot will need energy to travel to the Moonpool.

Mistystar receives her nine lives and returns to the Clan. Dapplenose tells her leader that they were leaving to bury Leopardstar, and asks if she'd like to join them, Mistystar does and they bury Leopardstar in the spot that Dapplenose had chosen.

At a Gathering, Dapplenose noses her way through a cluster of ShadowClan cats. Dovewing shuffles to make room for Dapplenose, beckoning to her with a flick of her muzzle. Dapplenose sits by Dovewing, who closes her mouth to block out the fish scent, and thanks her. She mentions to Dovewing that they found footprints in RiverClan tracking around the camp. When the leaders start to become distrusting it is said that she pulls away from Dovewing, her gaze suddenly suspicious.


When the cats who had died in the Great Battle appear as StarClan cats in front of Bramblestar at a Gathering, Dapplenose is one of the cats noted to be among them.

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