"She's watching him as if he's just a kit!"

— Goosekit about Dawnfeather watching Nettlebreeze to Cloudberry in Goosefeather's Curse, Chapter 3


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Dawnfeather is a pale orange she-cat with a white belly, four white paws[1] and pale sky-blue eyes.[2]

StarClan Resident

While Goosekit's Clanmates attempt to figure out how he knew where Swiftpaw was located, he explains that the cats around the camp had told him. When the others have no idea what he is talking about, Cloudberry and Doestar take him aside and ask him about the dark brown tom he saw. Looking around the clearing, Cloudberry asks the kit if there are cats there that he doesn't know the name of, and when he says that there's a she-cat beside Nettlebreeze, Cloudberry tenses and inquires about that cat.

Wondering if the old she-cat is losing her sight, Goosekit explains that the she-cat has pale orange fur, and white paws, and is watching the ancient elder as if he were just a kit, amusement in his tone. Nudging Goosekit to come with her, Cloudberry tells Goosekit to follow her, so they could ask Nettlebreeze for the mysterious cat's name. Asking the ginger cat if he knew a cat called Dawnfeather, Nettlebreeze's spine fur rises as he growls that Dawnfeather was his mother and if she had spoken to them from StarClan. Goosekit almost interrupts that his mother is right beside him until Cloudberry clamps her tail over his mouth, and tells Nettlebreeze that Dawnfeather had told her to tell her son that all was well, and she is watching over him.

With a grunt, Nettlebreeze puts his chin on his paws, muttering that he was sure it's a nice thought while he closes his eyes. After Goosekit and Cloudberry leave the elder's den, the little tom squeaks what was going on, because Dawnfeather had been beside him the whole time, and Cloudberry explains to him that it was because she was dead and had gone to StarClan before the medicine cat had even joined ThunderClan.

At Goosepaw's apprentice ceremony, he is fairly sure that he can see Dawnfeather by the entrance to the elder's den, and Beetail, who had told him where Swiftpaw was.


Son: Nettlebreeze

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