Dove's Wing

"If it's a choice between water and caves, and saving our own lives, then we must go."

—Dove's Wing to Fish Leap about leaving for the mountains in Long Shadows, page 214

Dove's Wing

Ancient Tribe, The Ancients (formerly)
Highest Rank
Falling Rain and Falcon Swoop
No information
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Previous Name(s)
No information

Dove's Wing is a pale gray she-cat with blue eyes.[1]


Jaypaw, the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, is sent back in time to walk in the pawsteps of Jay's Wing, whom Jaypaw is the reincarnation of. Dove's Wing is revealed to be his sister in that time. Dove's Wing and Jay's Wing's mother, Falcon Swoop, had recently died before Jaypaw's visit at the paws of a monster. Their father, Falling Rain, disappeared not very long after, and Dove's Wing expresses her sadness of their parents' deaths. Dove's Wing points out that Jaypaw's brain must have gotten scrambled in the tunnels and insists that he rests. She fetches Rising Moon, and the two cats examine him and give him herbs.

Stone Song mentions her mother's death while trying to convince cats to leave. She dips her head slowly, and Jay's Wing does the same. When Stone Song mentions Jay's Wing's dream, she and Fish Leap look expectantly at Jaypaw.

When Jaypaw comes up with the idea of casting stones—a vote for the cats who want to stay here or retreat to the mountains, Dove's Wing reluctantly looks at Fish Leap's vote on the stay pile, but, glancing at Jaypaw, she puts her vote on the leave pile.

It is revealed that Dovewing is a reincarnation of Dove's Wing, in the future. When Shy Fawn says that she won't leave the mountains until her kits are born, Dove's Wing admits she'd like to stay too. Jayfeather tries to search for her in the skies when Stoneteller dies, but he then reminds himself that they live on in ThunderClan.




Falcon Swoop


Falling Rain


Jay's Wing


Whispering Breeze



References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Long Shadows, page 118

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