"I don’t know what’s going on here, but we need to take these kits to Darkstar. [She] needs to know about this."

—Eeltail about Appledusk’s and Mapleshade’s kits Mapleshade's Vengeance, Chapter 4


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Eeltail is a gray-and-black tabby she-cat.[1]


She is out with her Clanmates, Appledusk and Splashfoot, when the three cats come across a struggling cat in the water. Upon further inspection, Eeltail and Splashfoot realize that the cat is a ThunderClan warrior named Mapleshade. The queen, although weak from her battle with the river, manages to ask Eeltail, Splashfoot, and Appledusk to save her kits. Mapleshade can hardly finish speaking before Eeltail darts off and is already most of the way down the shore.

While the three RiverClan cats manage to get the three kits out of the river, their efforts prove for naught - Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit are killed by the strength of the river, made even more powerful from the floodwaters. Eeltail apologizes to Mapleshade, her eyes full of pity and sorrow at the she-cat's loss.

Although she is unsure of what went on with Appledusk and Mapleshade, and why the queen and her kits were out of camp, she says that they need to take the kits to Darkstar, due to being on RiverClan territory.

Once they arrive, the truth about their parentage is out. Despite who their parents are, Darkstar wishes the kits a peaceful rest, and asks Eeltail, Splashfoot, and Rainfall to bury them.

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