"Emberkit may have been spared of future suffering. We live in the wild. Life is tough. Maybe it's best only the strongest kits survive."

— Gray Wing attempting to comfort Wind Runner over Emberkit's death in The First Battle, page 195

Emberkit (DotC) (fixed)

Tall Shadow's Camp
Highest Rank
Moth Flight, Morning Whisker, Dust Muzzle
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Emberkit is a brown-and-white tabby[1] tom[2] with white underbelly[3] and feather-soft fur.[4]

StarClan Resident

He died one day after his birth, and was buried outside a of a hollow. Now, Turtle Tail takes care of him in StarClan.


  • Emberkit's name being a single word compared to the two-word names of the Tribe cats was a mistake on Kate's part. She believes that due to dying so young, it was hard to give him a name, and thought she was thinking of dying embers when she named him.[5]
    • Despite the fact that he was named before the creation of the Clans, he had a name that would be suitable for a Clan cat.[4]
  • If he were still alive, Kate thinks he would have been called Ember Heart.[6]


Mother: Windstar

Father: Gorsestar

Brother: Dust Muzzle

Sisters: Mothflight, Morning Whisker

Grandmothers: Unnamed she-cats

Aunt: Unnamed she-cat

Distant Descendants: Ashfoot, Crowfeather, two unnamed kits, Eaglekit, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Breezepelt, Fernsong, Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Smokepaw, Brindlepaw

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