"Then it's decided. Another rule has been added to the warrior code. We must not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory."

—Emberstar to the other leaders Code of the Clans, page 23


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Emberstar is a blue-gray[1] tom[2] with blue eyes, long fur, and tiny dark gray flecks on his back.[1]


When Cloudberry and Ryewhisker are talking about their unborn kits, Cloudberry mentions to Ryewhisker that she wanted to tell him that she was expecting first. Guessing that Cloudberry was worried about what Emberstar would say, Ryewhisker asks her aloud. Cloudberry looks up at her mate, and says that Emberstar is a good leader, and that she couldn't blame Emberstar for wanting more kits to become warriors.

She adds that more cats were needed more since the bout of greencough in the previous leaf-bare. Ryewhisker thinks for a moment, then says that Emberstar has never minded him being in the camp, so he would be there when the kits were born. Despite the reassurance, Cloudberry appears to still look troubled.

Ryewhisker tells her that every cat knows that Emberstar's best friend was Thistletail from ThunderClan. Ryewhisker adds that if any cat understood that friendships didn't stop at a boundary, it would be Emberstar.

After Ryewhisker is slain by a RiverClan warrior while protecting Cloudberry from Hawkfur, Emberstar, along with Whitestar, Hollystar, and Duststar, meet on a night of a full moon to discuss what had happened. After the leaders settle, Emberstar's hackles raise as he begins to demand to Duststar blamed his Clan for the death of Ryewhisker. Duststar, however, shakes his head and says that though Ryewhisker's death was a tragedy that his Clan could ill-afford after a difficult leaf-bare, it would not have happened if he was not so attached to Cloudberry.

Shortly after, the first addition of the warrior code is added: defend your Clan with your life, and although you may have friendships with other Clans, your loyalty must remain to your own Clan. Emberstar meows to Duststar that he spoke well and that his Clan was sorry for the loss of his warrior, but the Clans then stood and fought alone.

Three seasons later, during a Gathering, being the oldest leader there, Emberstar was meant to report on his Clan first, but the newest upstart, Brindlestar, speaks up first before he could say anything.

When Brindlestar's complaint over hunting rights stirs up an argument and a large branch drops from one of the Great Oaks, Emberstar quickly establishes that the RiverClan cats had been too far back to be hit. After every Clan is confirmed to be alright, Emberstar confirms the second rule in the warrior code: Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.





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