Fallen Leaves

"No! I must stay here! If I leave, how will my mother know where to find me? She’ll come for me one day. I know she will."

—Fallen Leaves to Hollyleaf in Hollyleaf's Story, page 50

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Fallen Leaves is a ginger-and-white patched[1] tom[2] with green eyes,[3] and a white muzzle.[4]


Fallen Leaves lived in the tunnels before the cats came to the clans. He was lost in the tunnels when he was trying to pass the test to be a Sharpclaw. That night there was too much rain.

That night he was lost forever. He is first seen in Jaypaw's dream. Later then, he helped Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Heatherpaw find lost kits. When Hollyleaf first came into the tunnels, he tried not to get close to her, but as the time went by, he did.

He was heart-broken when she left. Before he met Hollyleaf, the tunnel flooded and he drowned.


  • Kate Cary confirmed on her Twitter that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves did love one another,[5] and if they met in StarClan, they would be mates.[6] She had earlier confirmed, however, that Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf did indeed meet again in StarClan.[7]
    • Vicky has contradicted this, saying that's not that the kind of thing that goes on in StarClan, but that they do have a special bond.[8]




Broken Shadow


Stone Song


Unknown kits


Unnamed she-cat

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