"Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once... Don't make me save you again."

—Feathertail to Crowpaw as she is dying in Moonrise, page 271


Highest Rank
Silverstream, Graystripe, foster mother is Mosspelt
Stormkit, half-siblings are Briarkit, Blossomkit, Bumblekit
Crowpaw (unofficially)
No information
Mistyfoot, Sandstorm (formerly)
No information
Previous Name(s)
Featherkit, Featherpaw

Feathertail is a soft-furred,[1] light[2] silver-[3]gray[2] tabby[4] she-cat[2] with sky[1]-blue eyes[2] and a plumy tail.[5]


Featherkit was born to Graystripe, a ThunderClan warrior and Silverstream, a RiverClan queen. Silverstream died when she was having kits despite Cinderpelt tried to save her but was unable to.

Graystripe had to tell the Clan his secret but ThunderClan took the kits in and Goldenflower raised them. Featherkit and her brother were mostly unwanted, since they were half-clan. However their grandfather, Crookedstar, wanted his grandchildren to live in his Clan, their mother's Clan.

ThunderClan refused to give up the kits out of pride, but Graystripe agreed to give them to RiverClan. Featherkit, Stormkit and her father, Graystripe, went to live in RiverClan.


Featherpaw became a RiverClan apprentice to Mistyfoot. Shortly after RiverClan and ShadowClan joined together and called themselves TigerClan, Featherpaw, Stormpaw, Stonefur, and Mistyfoot become prisoners for being half-Clan cats.

They are kept in a poor den with no food for days. Tigerstar, the TigerClan leader, calls out a special meeting in RiverClan territories and his warriors bring out the weak two apprentices and Stonefur to be executed. Stonefur bravely challenges the TigerClan leader's ways.

Tigerstar reponses back by ordering Darkstripe to kill Stonefur. In humiliation for Darkstripe, half-starved Stonefur is able to defeat the TigerClan warrior. Tigerstar orders Blackfoot to kill Stonefur instead and Stonefur gets slayed by being bit in the throat.

Featherpaw and her brother are sent back to their prison and tell Mistyfoot about Stonefur's death.


Feathertail was one of the cats chosen by StarClan to go to the Sun-drown place to meet Midnight. Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Crowpaw, and Tawnypelt came along also. Feathertail's brother, Stormfur, also went along because he wanted to keep Feathertail safe. During the quest, Feathertail fell in love with Crowpaw, a WindClan apprentice, but didn't become mates.

The questing cats traveled for moons and finally met Midnight, who apparently was a badger. After she had given them the message, the cats ran into the Tribe of Rushing Water, a tribe of cats who lived in the mountains. Stormfur was accused of being the "silver cat" in one of the tribe's prophecies, saying that he had to kill Sharptooth. Since the tribe kept Stormfur prisoner, the questing cats stayed with the tribe for a while. Later, Stormfur, Feathertail, and the rest of the questing cats escaped and ran into Sharptooth. While trying to save Crowpaw, Feathertail attacked Sharptooth, who died.

Sadly, Feathertail died also. She joined both StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Crowpaw's warrior name became Crowfeather, in honor of her.

The tribe realized that Feathertail was the silver cat who saved them from Sharptooth, not Stormfur.

StarClan and Tribe of Endless Hunting

Feathertail joined both sprit clans after dying. She is not seen much after, though she is mentioned. She is also seen in the Moonpool by Leafpool.


  • In Cats of the Clans[6] and The Ultimate Guide,[7] it is mistakenly stated that Stonefur is Feathertail's mentor instead of Mistyfoot.[8]
  • When Crowpaw got his warrior name, he requested it to be Crowfeather in honor of her.[9]
  • Kate Cary has confirmed that in StarClan, Crowfeather would most likely pick Feathertail over Leafpool, stating that "first love always wins".[10]
  • In Erin Hunter Chat 3, Vicky confirmed that if Feathertail did live, her relationship with Crowfeather wouldn't have worked out. She was too old for him, and he wouldn't have gotten the chance to develop his own personality. She also said within that same chat that Crowfeather's love for Feathertail was more of a high school crush, and that he could live happily forever with Leafpool.[11]
  • Vicky thinks that if Feathertail had survived her fall, she would have returned to RiverClan and let Crowfeather go back to WindClan, as she was very loyal to the warrior code and would have eventually let her head rule her heart.[12]


Mother: Silverstream

Father: Graystripe

Brother: Stormfur

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