"Look! There's Dart.. and Shine... and that's your sister Flutter!"

— Ripple to Arc in Thunder Rising, page 8 (Bonus Scene)

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Cats of the Park
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Cat of the Park
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Flutter is a she-cat[1] with an unknown description.

Cat of the Park

As Ripple and Arc are fleeing during a Twoleg assault, the pair of cats see Flutter, Dart, and Shine being taken away. Ripple points out Flutter to Arc, being shocked they're being taken away. Arc, upon seeing his sister, sadly remarks that there is nothing he, nor Ripple, are able to do for the three cats, and the two fleeing cats continue on their way, listening to the yowling and mewing of the cats they left behind.

References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Thunder Rising, page 312

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