"I'm going to ask Sunstar if Thrushpelt can be my mentor forever! Dappletail would never have let me climb this high!"

—Goldenpaw training with Thrushpelt in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 218


Highest Rank
Lionkit, half-siblings are Snowkit and Mistlekit
Patchpelt, Tigerstar (formerly)
Dappletail, Thrushpelt (temporarily)
No information
Previous Name(s)
Goldenkit, Goldenpaw

Goldenflower is a pale ginger[1] tabby[2] she-cat[1] with yellow eyes[3] and a small nick on one ear.[4]


Goldenkit was born to Speckletail in ThunderClan. Her brother was Lionkit.


Goldenpaw's mentor was Dappletail. Goldenpaw was practicing her battling at the sandy hollow one day with Lionpaw and Bluepaw. She got a cut on her ear from Bluepaw, and she seemed proud of it.

Warrior / Queen

She often was a queen and was not considered much of a warrior. However, she mothered Bramblekit which is important in ThunderClan. Swiftpaw came first without a father as Erin Hunter revealed it was not Tigerclaw.

Shortly after, she has Bramblekit and Tawnykit. Their father was Tigerclaw, but Goldenflower apparently did not see evil in him. Goldenflower was not afraid to bare her teeth when Fireheart would see Tigerstar in Bramblekit. She remained a queen even after her kits grew up. Goldenflower often guided Longtail around after he went blind, and was very sympathetic to him. She died at 107 moons.

In Bramblestar's Storm she gives him one of his nine lives. It is so that he can feel the love that a mother has for a kits. She wants him to feel this for his Clan. As she gives Brambleclaw this life, he feels as if he is in the nursery as a kit. Brambleclaw also realizes that he feels ferocious, and that he'd protect any of his Clanmates for his life, realizing that that's must be what a mother feels like for her kits.


Mother: Speckletail

Father: Smallear

Brother: Lionheart, Snowkit

Mate: Tigerstar (formerly), Patchpelt

Daughter: Tawnypelt

Sons: Swiftpaw, Bramblestar, unnamed kit

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