Gray Wing

"I didn't want to leave. But now I know there's something I must do. I promise that I'll find Jagged Peak and take him to join the others in their new home."

—Gray Wing in The Sun Trail, page 63

Gray Wing

WindClan, Rogue (formerly) Ancient Tribe (formerly), Tall Shadow's Camp (formerly) and Wind Runner's Camp (formerly)
Highest Rank
Early Settler
Quiet Rain and unnamed tom
Turtle Tail (formerly) and Slate
White Tail, Black Ear and Silver Stripe, foster kits are Thunder, Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart and Sparrow Fur
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)

Gray Wing is a dark gray tom with golden eyes[1] and a ripped ear.[2]


  • There are some slight inconsistencies with Gray Wing's future name and status. It was initially stated that Graywing had taken on the "-star" suffix, and leadership of WindClan, but was always remembered by his Clanmates as Graywing. However, The Ultimate Guide and Battles of the Clans contradict this, both books having used the name Graywing.[3][4]
    • Furthermore, it is also mentioned in The Ultimate Guide that Gray Wing never became a true Clan leader, and he was always remembered by future generations of cats as "Graywing the Wise".[3]
    • In Path of Stars, it is revealed that he had never abbreviated his name into a Clan name, or took on the "-star" suffix, and instead died as Gray Wing.[5]
  • Vicky confirmed that Graywing and Gray Wing are indeed the same cat.
  • Kate has said that Gray Wing's condition resulting from the fire was asthma.[6]
  • Gray Wing is the cat who named WindClan and SkyClan.[7] He also came up with the idea of calling the camps Clans rather than groups.[8]
  • Kate thinks that Gray Wing can live peacefully with Slate and Turtle Tail in StarClan without having to feel any jealousy.[9]
  • According to Kate, Gray Wing "evolved naturally" into the protagonist of Dawn of the Clans. She says that no one on the Erin Hunter team expected him to become so important when they started to work on The Sun Trail. [10]


Mother: Quiet Rain

Brothers: Skystar and Jagged Peak

Sister: Fluttering Bird

Mates: Turtle Tail (formerly) and Slate

Sons: White Tail and Black Ear

Daughter: Silver Stripe

Foster sons: Thunderstar, Owl Eyes and Pebbleheart

Foster daughter: Sparrow Fur

Nephews/Nieces: Two unnamed kits

Niece: Dew Nose, Flower Foot and Dew Petal

Nephews: Thunderstar, Eagle Feather, Storm Pelt, Tiny Branch

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