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"Graystripe is a great and worthy warrior. If the warrior code can't deal with this, then maybe the warrior code needs to change."

—Silverstream to Crookedstar about Graystripe Crookedstar's Promise, page 497

Graystripe and Millie

ThunderClan, RiverClan (formerly), Loner (formerly), Kittypet (formerly)
Highest Rank
Half-siblings are Darkstripe, Longkit, Sootkit, Rainkit and Sorrelkit
Silverstream (formerly) and Millie
Previous Name(s)
Graykit and Graypaw
Known for
Firestar's best friend, being an elder of ThunderClan

Graystripe is a solid[1] dark gray tom[2] with a stripe of darker gray fur running down his back, a torn left ear,[3] and yellow eyes.[4] He has shaggy,[5] long,[6] thick fur,[2] and a bushy tail.[7]


Graystripe was born in ThunderClan. His mother was Willowpelt and his father was Patchpelt. He has no litter-mates. His older half siblings were Darkstripe and Longtail.


Graystripe was never mentioned as a kit. He first appeared as Graypaw and attacked Rusty in the first Warriors book ever called Into The Wild. After a quick fight Graypaw started to tell Rusty about the wild Clans of cats.

He later became friends with Rusty who was renamed Firepaw when he joined ThunderClan. He was also friends with Ravenpaw.

His mentor was Lionheart, one of the eldest warriors of ThunderClan. He often trained with Ravenpaw and Firepaw. They went to Mothermouth to see the Moonstone. Graypaw stayed outside with Ravenpaw and later Tigerclaw joined them.

Only Firepaw and Bluestar remained inside the cave. After which, some ShadowClan cats attacked and Graypaw fought alongside Firepaw. Frostfur's kits were stolen by Clawface and they accused Yellowfang of it and also accused her of killing Spottedleaf.

Graypaw didn't understand too much about what Tigerclaw had done but Firepaw had figured it out. Tigerclaw had killed Redtail according to Ravenpaw. Graypaw went along with Firepaw's plan and they took Ravenpaw to Barley and then met up with Yellowfang and a ThunderClan patrol.

They attacked ShadowClan with some ShadowClan warriors and overthrew Brokenstar. Nightpelt gave the stolen kits back and the ThunderClan cats returned to their Clan, and Firepaw and Graypaw became warriors Graystripe and Fireheart.


When he became a Warrior he was named Graystripe by Bluestar along with Firepaw who became Fireheart. He got his first apprentice named Brackenpaw while Fireheart got his sister Cinderpaw. Graystripe became mates with a cat from RiverClanSilverstream.

He had two kits named Stormkit and Featherkit in RiverClan. Unfortunately, Silverstream did not survive the birth of her kits by the cause of the loss of blood, leaving Graystripe heart-broken. He left ThunderClan to join RiverClan so that he could be with his kits.

Graystripe also has been feeding RiverClan with Fireheart because Crookedstar had told them that RiverClan didn't have enough fish because the Twolegs had poisened the water with their fishing ropes.

They had been caught by Tigerclaw and were forced to live like apprentices for about one moon. Graystripe also visits Ravenpaw every now and then when nessasary.


Graystripe became deputy after Whitestorm, the former deputy, requested he be his successor after Whitestorm had died in the battle against BloodClan. Graystripe was captured by a twoleg and had to live at his house for an unknown number of moons, so Brambleclaw became deputy in his place until Graystripe got back.

He met Millie and they set out to find ThunderClan which they did. When they came back Brambleclaw remained deputy. He and Millie became mates and had three kits, one male Bumblestripe and two females Blossomfall and Briarlight.


Mother: Willowpelt

Father: Patchpelt

Half Brothers: Darkstripe and Longtail

Mates: Silverstream and Millie

Daughters: Feathertail, Blossomfall and Briarlight

Sons: Stormfur and Bumblestripe

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