Half Moon

"I am the only cat left who remembers the lake, and the journey we made to come here. But I have lived three times as many moons here in the mountains than I did beside the lake, and the endless rushing of the waterfall now echoes in my heart."

—Stoneteller to Lion's Roar in The Sun Trail, page 4

Half Moon guide

Ancient Tribe
Highest Rank
Rising Moon, Chasing Clouds
Unnamed kits
Jayfeather (unofficially)
No information
No information
No information
Previous Name(s)
Teller of the Pointed Stones

Half Moon is a white she-cat[1] with clear,[2] dark green eyes.[3]


Half Moon is an ancient cat who used to live by the lake.


When Jay's Wing told her and other cats about the mountains were they were to live, she left. Later, the group of cats became The Tribe of Rushing Water. Jay's Wing made Half Moon the healer, called Stoneteller.

She led her tribe until one winter when there wasn't enough prey. Some of her cats left to later create the four (five including SkyClan) clans. Half Moon and Jayfeather fall in love when Jayfeather goes back in time to help the tribe find their new home in the mountains.

They are in a way mates but not quite, because Jayfeather is a medicine cat and Half Moon is a healer. Neither of them can have mates or kits.


  • Although Jayfeather appoints her as the first Teller of Pointed Stones in Sign of the Moon,[4] in The Last Hope she is only ever referred to as Half Moon, not Stoneteller.[5] This has lead to some doubt among fans as to whether or not Half Moon actually kept the name Stoneteller or simply took the rank of Healer and not the name.
  • It was heavily implied in The Confidential Notes #2: Unhappily Ever After? Ending the Doomed Romances that Jayfeather and Half Moon would walk together in StarClan.[7]




Rising Moon


Chasing Clouds


Unnamed kits


Jayfeather (unofficially)

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