Hawkwing's Journey
Hawk Wing's Journey
Author Cherith Baldry
Publication date 1 November 2016
ISBN 9780062467683
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Hawkwing's Journey is the ninth book in the Super Edition series.

The Blurb

To dispel the darkness, you must find the spark that remains.

Long ago, the cats of SkyClan were lost to the warrior code—until Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, helped them rediscover the ways of their ancestors. Since then, SkyClan has enjoyed moons of peace and near-prosperity.

Hawkpaw dreams of the day when he will receive his warrior name and be called on to protect his Clanmates. Then Echosong, their medicine cat, has an alarming vision, and suddenly Hawkpaw is thrust onto a path he never could have imagined.

SkyClan’s era of peace is at an end. Now they must fight for their very survival.

Will SkyClan find its way home—or will it be lost forever?

Moons ago, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, helped the cats of SkyClan find their way back to the warrior code. But Firestar is gone, and SkyClan now faces an enemy it cannot defeat. The time has come for SkyClan to return to the other warrior Clans. . . .


  • While initially unsure as to whether or not this book featured SkyClan,[1][2][3] it was later revealed to be about modern SkyClan.[4]
  • Kate knew who the Super Edition will feature and said the character chosen will make fans very happy.[5]


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