"Have courage, Talltail. You followed your heart once and it made you stronger. It forged a bond between you and WindClan that nothing can ever break. Always follow your heart, Talltail, as you did then. Let it guide you in everything you do."

—Heatherstar to Talltail in Tallstar's Revenge, pages 492-493


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Heatherstar is a pale[1] pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes[2] and a thick pelt.[3]


She is first seen reciving her nine lives from StarClan. The cats who gave her lives referred to her as Heatherstar not by her deputy name. After she recives them she explores StarClan. While exploring she meets the first medicine cat, Mothflight.


She is seen talking with Hawkheart and Reedfeather. Upon Tallkit's arrival, Hawkheart murmurs that their youngest kit is exploring again, and warns Tallkit to stay under cover to prevent attracting buzzards to camp. When Tallkit asks about buzzards, The medicine cat replies saying that kits are their favourite prey and that they can spot you from highstones. Heatherstar warns Tallkit, Shrewkit and Barkkit to be careful, saying the stones are icy. Hawkheart called to the kits to not go mewling to him if they sprain a paw. Heatherstar urged her deputy and medicine cat to talk in her den, stating that it's too cold outside. She leads the way to her den beneath a gorse bush at the far end of camp.

When she made Tallpaw a moor runner, the tunnelers were angry at her.


  • She was mistakenly called Heatherstar before she received all of her nine lives.[4]
  • Vicky thinks that Heatherstar's warrior name might have been Heatherstep, because she was so light-pawed that she could walk over crunchy heather without making a sound.[5]

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