"I don't think Heatherpaw was guilty for anything but selfishness; she stayed loyal to her Clan, although luckily she never had to face her friend on the other side of a battle."

—Rock about Heathertail in Cats of the Clans, page 56

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Crowfeather, Whitetail (temporarily)
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Heathertail is a soft, and thick-furred,[1] light brown tabby she-cat[2] with smoky,[3] heather-blue eyes.[4]


Little is known about her kithood.


Heatherpaw is given Crowfeather as a mentor. She seemed to have romantic feelings for Lionpaw. She wins the highest climbing contest at the daylight gathering, and gets the fattest rabbit as a reward. She meets Lionpaw in secret along the ThunderClan/WindClan border until Hollypaw and Cinderpaw find them.

Heatherpaw then discovers underground tunnels, and she and Lionpaw meet there. They make up DarkClan, with Heatherpaw as Heatherstar, and Lionpaw is her deputy, Lionclaw.

They play there until Lionpaw realizes sneaking out at night is making him worse at being a warrior apprentice, and tells Heatherpaw. She storms away, telling him she hopes being a warrior is worth it. Later, three WindClan kits get lost in the tunnels.

Heatherpaw, Breezepaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw and Jaypaw go in to find them, but the river floods. They nearly drown, but eventually get out.

Heatherpaw realizes what Lionpaw meant and tells him he would make a great warrior and leaves. Heatherpaw wished she could have gone to the mountains when Crowfeather and Breezepaw go, and seemed depressed she and Lionpaw are no longer meeting in secret.

When WindClan attacks through the tunnels, Lionpaw confronts Heatherpaw, yelling that it's her fault. Heatherpaw, horrified, tells him Sedgekit was boasting to Weaselfur about the tunnels, but Lionpaw doesn't believe her.

Crowfeather stops him from attacking her, and Lionpaw nearly kills him. She appears dead in Lionblaze's dreams, and he is scared he'll end up killing her.


Heathertail confronts Lionblaze when he goes through the tunnels to get catmint. She reveals she is now Heathertail. She tells him that she has no quarrel with sick cats, but warns him not to be a bully like Tigerstar before leaving.

When Lionblaze and the ThunderClan patrol go to WindClan to investigate Ashfur's murder, she is burning his pelt with her stare, and is sitting next to Breezepelt. Breezepelt gives him a look that says "Heathertail is mine now."

When Dovepaw and Ivypaw sneak into camp, Onestar tells her and Breezepelt to escort them to ThunderClan camp. She often puts Breezepelt down during this. At this point she has her own apprentice, Furzepaw.

She threatens Ivypool and Birchfall when they were washing their paws in the stream, and is one of the cats attempting to attack ThunderClan through the tunnels, lead by Sol.


  • Prior to the release of The Fourth Apprentice, Heathertail was still in love with Lionblaze. At the time, she harbored no romantic feelings towards Breezepelt, but their relationship was more complex than just friends.[5] However, after Fading Echoes was released, it was revealed that Heathertail no longer cares for Lionblaze.[6]
    • After the release of Bramblestar's Storm, it was revealed that during the gap between that book and The Apprentice's Quest, Heathertail and Breezepelt had become mates,[7] and Kate Cary believes that it is because they wanted to redeem Breezepelt, and help him become the happy, loyal, and true warrior that he should have been.[8]
  • Kate thinks that Heathertail was lying about Sedgekit finding the tunnels,[9] although Vicky believes she was telling the truth.[10]










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