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"I want to be able to help the Clan. If I were a medicine cat I could heal my Clanmates when they were sick and I could share dreams with StarClan. As a warrior I could feed the Clan and defend it-I would die to protect the Clan if I had to-but as a warrior I would be limited to fighting with tooth and claw. As a medicine cat I could fight with all the knowledge and power of StarClan. What better way could there be to serve ThunderClan?"

—Hollykit to Leafpool The Sight, pages 78-79

Hollyleaf guide

Highest Rank
Warrior of ThunderClan
Fallen Leaves (not official)
No information
Leafpool (formerly) and Brackenfur
No information
Previous Name(s)
Hollykit and Hollypaw
Known for
Leafpool and Crowfeather's daughter

Hollyleaf is a long-legged,[1] black she-cat[2] with soft[3] and long[4] fur[5] as dark as holly bark,[6] holly-[1] green eyes,[7] and a bushy tail.[8]


Hollykit one day to be Hollyleaf, was the firstborn of her litter and made the journey back to her real home in ThunderClan. Leafpool wanted to call her Crowkit in honor of Crowfeather, but instead went with Hollykit. Her adoptive father is Brambleclaw and her adoptive mother is Squirrelflight.

When she and her siblings heard of a few fox pups in the territory they all went off to find them. This ended badly and resulted in Jaykit to have nearly died. She and her brothers were taken care of by Daisy and Ferncloud.


Hollypaw was intrigued by Leafpool's ability of herbs and healing and asked to become her apprentice. Much to her excitement she did, however this is short-lived and becomes stressed and cannot understand how to remember every herb or how to use it. She asks to train as a warrior instead and gets apprenticed by Brackenfur. Hollypaw was very good at her training and the warrior code meant everything to her.

When she found out that she may be part of a prophecy (There will be three kin of your kin who hold the power of the stars in their paws) she was interested and she was at the time most likely the smarts and courage of the three. When three WindClan kits went missing, Hollypaw, Lionpaw, Jaypaw, Breezepaw and Heatherpaw went looking for them in the tunnels.


Hollypaw was made Hollyleaf with the suffix "leaf" in honour of Leafpool. She was a highly dedicated warrior and continued to carry on with the prophecy. When there was a fire in the forest she and her brothers were rescued by Squirrelflight and Ashfur. However when a tree was pushed down to save them Ashfur stopped and threatened to kill them. This is when Hollyleaf finds out that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are not her true parents. She becomes scarred of thunder storms too from the confrontation. She desperately tries to find her real parents and finds out that they are Leafpool and Crowfeather of WindClan.

This breaks her and when she tries to stop Ashfur from telling she slit his throat and he fell into the river. She did not mean for him to die. She ran away when she revealed the secret and "died" in the collapsing tunnels. She was saved by Fallen Leaves and lived in the tunnels for moons and moons. One day she returned to ThunderClan and died saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost taking the killing blow. She forgives Leafpool in the end. Her last plea of forgiveness which had already been granted.


  • Kate Cary confirmed on her Twitter that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves did love one another, and if they met in StarClan, they would be mates. She had earlier confirmed, however, that Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf did indeed meet again in StarClan.
    • Vicky has contradicted this, saying that's not that the kind of thing that goes on in StarClan, but that they do have a special bond.
  • Hollyleaf was originally going to be blind.


Mother: Leafpool

Father: Crowfeather

Brothers: Lionblaze and Jayfeather

Mate: Fallen Leaves

Foster Mother: Squirrelflight

Foster Father: Bramblestar

Half-Brother: Breezepelt

Nieces: Hollypaw, Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw

Grandfathers: Firestar and Deadfoot

Grandmothers: Sandstorm and Ashfoot

Great Grandfathers: Redtail, Jake and Hickorynose

Great Grandmothers: Brindleface, Nutmeg and Meadowslip

Great Great Grandfathers: Adderfang and Fuzzypelt

Great Great Grandmothers: Swiftbreeze and Robinwing

Uncles: Eaglekit and two no name kits

Aunt: Squirrelflight

Great Aunts: Princess and Sorrelpaw

Great Uncle: Pigeonpaw

Half-Great Aunt: Ferncloud

Half-Great Uncles: Ashfur and two no name kits

Great Great Uncles: Patchpelt, Dustpelt and Ravenpaw

Great Great Aunts: Willowpelt, Spottedleaf, Leopardfoot and Frostfur

Cousins: Cloudtail, four unnamed kits, Nightkit, Mistkit, Tigerstar, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt,  Hawkfrost, Mothwing, Darkstripe, Sorreltail, Sootfur, Rainwhisker, Graystripe, etc.

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