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Into the Wild is a fascinating story of a kittypet, Rusty, learning the ways of the Clans. His appearance in ThunderClan puts a wall in the way of Tigerclaw's plans. When Bluestar mentors him, she begins to trust him more and more, until eventually he learns about Tigerclaw and tells her. He loses her faith after this, and it is hard to regain, as she starts to become mad and consider everyone a traitor when her closest friend and advisor betrays her-Tigerclaw. His actions are reflected badly on all ThunderClan warriors, and at this betrayal, Bluestar is cautious of every Clanmate to come. It is only when she dies to save Fireheart that she shows that she can be forgiving, when she realizes that she had a big habit of underestimating her Clanmates. This act of pride, her last words before she dies, makes it impossible for Firestar and ThunderClan to believe in themselves. Obviously, this happens over the period of time in which all six books are opresent, but it is compulsory to include those stories as well to understand the true meaning of the events in book 1: Into the Wild.

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