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Highest Rank
Medicine cat
Previous Name(s)
Jaykit, Jaypaw
Known For
Being a blind medicene cat and being one of the Four.


Jaykit was born in ThunderClan. His mother was Leafpool and his father was Crowfeather, although he, like everyone else, believed that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were his parents. Since Leafpool was a medicine cat, it was forbidden for her to have a mate or kits, and Crowfeather was a Windclan cat. He had one sister named Hollyleaf and one brother named Lionblaze. He was born blind but that didn't stop him from becoming an apprentice.

Apprentice Edit

During his apprenticeship, Jaypaw thought Firestar had given him a "useless" mentor, Brightheart, because he was blind. A StarClan warrior told him his paws walked a different path, one of a medicine cat. Obeying them the blond tom becomes a cranky medicine cats apprentice. Leafpool teaches him the herbs and how to use them, but he still feels mutinous about being a medicine cat. He has a sharp tongue but mighty skills being one of the three, read the power of three for more.

Medicine CatEdit

Jaypaw becomes a full medicine cat in Long Shadows, with the name of Jayfeather. He is confused when he notes how proud Leafpool was when she named him. He is also relieved to not be called Jaywing.

When a fire rages through the camp, the Clan is forced to flee from it. He is later trapped in a fire with his siblings, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze, and Squirrelflight. While Squirrelflight tries to move a log to save them, Ashfur appears. He confuses both Squirrelflight and them. He later says that he will never forgive Squirrelflight for choosing Brambleclaw over him and that he will show her the true meaning of pain by killing her kits. Squirrelflight snarls and reveals a secret: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were not her kits. Hollyleaf asks if this is true when they escape the fire, but Jayfeather already knew the answer.  He reads Squirrelflight's mind, now knowing for sure that he and his siblings are not her kits.

Jayfeather is later seen ignoring Squirrelflight, and struggling to find out who his real parents are with the help of Hollyleaf and Lionblaze.  Mousefur says that Leafpool once gave her a weird-tasting herb. He later asks Littlecloud what the mysterious herb was, and it was said to be parsley, which stops a queens milk from flowing, mainly used for when a queen's kits die. Leafpool is then revealed to be him and his sibling's mother.

While dreaming, Yellowfang shows Jayfeather a crow's feather, revealing that his father is Crowfeather, and that he was half Clan.

Jayfeather and Lionblaze try to stop Hollyleaf from going into the tunnels, but fail. Hollyleaf is then believed to be dead.

When Lionblaze comments that it was odd that his catmint was still heathly during the drought in The Forth Apprentice, Jayfeather says that it would be weird. He had been giving the plants water from the lake.

When Lionblaze tells Jayfeather that Dovepaw could be the Third Cat, he and Lionblaze test her. Lionblaze moves things on the shore of the lake, and Dovepaw says exactly what he had done. After an argument, Jayfeather welcomes her to the Three.

Jayfeather goes to the mountains in Sign of The Moon. They are not welcomed by Stoneteller, but they stay anyway. Dovewing asks why they have come to the mountains, and Jayfeather replied that he doesn't know. Later, Jayfeather is told he needs to choose the new Stoneteller when Stoneteller dies. The new Stoneteller is named to be Crag.

In the Forgotten Warrior, Jayfeather reveals to Cinderheart her past as Cinderpelt, even after Leafpool begs him not to. This leaves Cinderheart distraut, and she can't decide whether she is a medicine cat or a warrior. Jayfeather assures her that she is a warrior, and not the echo of a dead cat. Leafpool later gets angry with Jayfeather for saying this to Cinderheart.

When his sister, Hollyleaf returns, he is unsure whether she is worthy to stay in ThunderClan. He shares tongues with StarClan, trying to find Ashfur, but Bluestar says that is not a good idea.

Jayfeather was later told that The Three needed to find a Fourth Cat to challenge the darkness that lasts forever, as told by the Tribe Of Endless Hunting. He never tells Dovewing and Lionblaze until the book, The Last Hope. He asumes it could be Mothwing, for she could not dream in the Dark Forest, for she did not believe in StarClan or the Dark Forest. After he realizes Mothwing is not the Fourth, he finds an omen of a flaming reed. He asumes this is a sign to find Flametail. While he is in StarClan trying to find Flametail, he falls into some mud. He is drowning, and tells Spottedleaf to stand back so she didn't fall in, too. He see Flametail and begs to help, however he refuses and threatens him. Spottedleaf tells Flametail to help, and he later does it. Jayfeather begs the medicine cat to tell the other medicine cats that he was not a murderer. Flametail agrees to, then it is later revealed.

While Gathering StarClan, Yellowfang says they have the wisdom of the ages, and he has the stupidity of youth. Jayfeather ignores them and tells StarClan to unite. Bluestar then tells him that the Fourth Cat was Firestar. He goes and walks into his dreams and tells him he must save the Clans. Firestar listens and goes with Jayfeather to see the Dark Forest with many StarClan cats.

After the battle, Firestar had died. Jayfeather introduces the Clan cats to the StarClan cats who had given his former-leader his nine lives. He comforts a distraut Dovewing, saying Firestar died for what he cared most about: his Clan. He is the best cat ever!

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