"Warriors aren't meant to be afraid of anything."

— Leafpaw's opinion on being a warrior in Thunder and Shadow, page 235

Leafpaw (VS)

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Previous Name(s)
Leafkit, Leafpaw

Leafshade is a tortoiseshell she-cat.[1]


Before Alderpaw leaves to go on his quest, Leafkit and her siblings are seen playing around Daisy and Lilyheart's paws.

After returning from the journey, Alderpaw enters the nursery, and Lilyheart tells him to be careful about where he puts his paws. He looks down and notes why, as her three kits, Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit were play-fighting with each other on the floor of the den.

Leafkit is seen with her littermates, and Twigkit asks what an apprentice is. Larkkit explains to her that it's when you're six moons old, have a mentor, and learn to become a warrior. Leafkit shakes scraps of moss from her pelt and mews that it's when you learn to fight as an apprentice.

When Alderpaw and Sparkpaw take Twigkit and Violetkit to the Gathering, Sparkpaw reassures the nervous kits that they'll have a lot to tell Larkkit, Honeykit, and Leafkit when they get home.

References and Citations

  1. Revealed on Kate's blog

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