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"No! I will not lie for you! You might not want to be our leader anymore, but you could at least be brave enough to tell the Clan yourself. They deserve to know the truth, that you are leaving to become a kittypet."

—Lionpaw getting angry at Pinestar Code of the Clans, page 148


Highest Rank
Speckletail and Smallear
Goldenkit, half-siblings are Snowkit and Mistlekit
Previous Name(s)
Lionkit and Lionpaw
Known for
Frostfur's mate; Graystripe's mentor

Lionheart is A pale golden-brown tabby tom with green eyes and A thick neck.


Lionkit was born with Goldenkit to Speckletail and Smallear. They were born in ThunderClan. Lionkit got his name since he sported a lionlike mane around his neck.

He and Goldenkit were born four moons after Bluekit and Snowkit. He and his sister grew into apprentices.


Pinestar was leader at the time, and he gave Lionpaw the mentor Swiftbreeze. Goldenpaw got her mentor named Dappletail. Lionpaw was a clever and smart cat who was also very curious. One day he followed Pinestar to see where he was going and saw him with a Twoleg.

He saw Pinestar taking food from the Twoleg. Lionpaw talked to his leader but Pinestar wasn't too angry and Lionpaw kept his secret. Pinestar decided to leave the Clan to go live as a kittypet.

He told Lionpaw to tell Sunfall, soon to be Sunstar, that he would have named him Lionheart. Sunfall became ThunderClan's leader and gained the name Sunstar. Like Pinestar had wished, Sunstar gave Lionpaw the warrior name of Lionheart.


Lionheart became a warrior. For a few moons he had no apprentices. He went on patrols and hunted for the Clan. Soon, Lionheart got his first apprentice named Graypaw. Sunstar died and Bluestar, formerly Bluefur, became leader and named Redtail deputy.

Lionheart accompanied Bluestar on a patrol and they saw a kittypet named Rusty, Bluestar asked if he wanted to join the Clan and gave him time to think about it. The next day Lionheart and Whitestorm went to get him and Rusty kept up.


Rusty is named Firepaw and Lionheart and Tigerclaw both share training duties over him and their own apprentice. After Redtail died, Bluestar named Lionheart deputy. Ravenpaw seemed relieved that she didn't make Tigerclaw deputy.

The mentors took their apprentices around the territory. At Graypaw, Ravenpaw and Firepaw's first Gathering, Lionheart tells them abour the legendary Clans of the old days, LionClan, TigerClan and LeopardClan.

Littlepaw joined in the coversation and Lionheart thinks he is small for being six moons. When ShadowClan attacked ThunderClan, Lionheart died bravely in battle. Bluestar then had to name Tigerclaw as his successor.


Lionheart appears as one of the StarClan members who gives Fireheart one of his nine lives. He was the first cat and he gave Fireheart the life of courage like a lion. He also appears during the Last Hope Battle fighting beside Firestar.


Mother: Speckletail

Father: Smallear

Sister: Goldenflower

Niece: Tawnypelt

Nephews: Swiftpaw and Brambleclaw




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