"But we want to fight! We practiced really hard yesterday, and I only fell off the branch three times!"

— Mintpaw to Cloudstar in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 8


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Mintpaw is a pale gray she-cat.[1]


When Cloudstar and Buzzardtail, her father, go hunt in SkyClan's borders, they discuss about Cloudstar's future kits with Birdflight. Buzzardtail tells him that he wouldn't feel so welcome once they started pulling his tail and chewing his whiskers, and Cloudstar reminds him that he didn't recall him putting much of a fight with his three when they wanted to play. It is noted that Mintpaw, along with her siblings, Tansypaw and Snailpaw were apprentices, and good at climbing trees like other SkyClan warriors, but Buzzardtail had been as soft as honey to them when they were born.

She is the smallest between her littermates, Snailpaw and Tansypaw. When Tansypaw and Snailpaw quarrel, Cloudstar stops them, asking Tansypaw to work with him, while giving Mintpaw and Snailpaw the option to take whichever path they choose. It is noted that she and her brother are slower to get to the tree, growing more serious due to the hazards of tree-climbing. Mintpaw's fur is almost glowing silver in the dark shadows when she grasps the tree. Snailpaw and Mintpaw reach a lower branch after Tansypaw almost falls off the tree. Cloudstar instructs the two to jump, and he will help them if need be.

Snailpaw ends up jumping too high, and Mintpaw, on the other hand, lands neatly on the ground without her leader's help, and is happy about it. She is learning how to jump from branch to branch with her littermates moments later, and jumps to the branch that holds her siblings successfully, even though she is the smallest. Suddenly, a Twoleg monster appears, and the cats scramble for safety. The monster knocks the tree they were climbing down, injuring Mintpaw and sending her into a state of unconsciousness.

Fernpelt, her mother, demands what happened to them. She is extremely distressed at this, and tries to help Fawnstep, the medicine cat, as much as she can. She and her littermates are told to stay behind and protect the camp when SkyClan goes to take some of ThunderClan territory, in order to keep them from getting upset about not going to the battle.











References and Citations

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