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"I promise to be the strongest, wisest leader I can be. I will do my best to echo your loyalty to RiverClan and your courage to speak out on our behalf, and I will learn from your mistakes. I know that I don’t need to prove to the other Clans that RiverClan is the strongest or most powerful. I just want my Clanmates to be happy and at peace."

— Mistyfoot's thoughts about Leopardstar after her death in Mistystar's Omen, chapter 2

Greypool, Mistyfoot, Stonefur

RiverClan and ThunderClan (formerly)
Highest Rank
No information
Previous Name(s)
Mistykit, Mistypaw and Mistyfoot

Mistystar is a blue-gray[1] she-cat[2] with thick,[3] dense,[4] sleek fur,[5] a pink nose,[6] and clear,[7] ice[8]-blue eyes.[3]


Mistykit was born to Bluefur and Oakheart in ThunderClan. Her litter-mates were Stonekit and Mosskit. Bluefur had to give up her kits so she could become deputy. Oakheart took the kits to RiverClan but Mosskit sadly died in the snow.

Oakheart asked Graypool to take care of the two kits and so she did, she also knew that Mistykit and Stonekit were Half-clans but she kept it to herself until Tigerstar pretended to be Oakheart and then Graypool, who was very old, accidently gave it out.


Mistyfoot and Stonefur became warriors of RiverClan. She got her apprentice named Featherpaw who was Silverstream's kit. She and Silverstream were friends when she still alive. Stonefur got Stormpaw, Silvestream's son as his apprentice. Her brother became deputy when Leopardstar took leadership. Leopardstar was often visited by Tigerstar of ShadowClan. When Mistyfoot found out that Bluestar was her real mother she was at first angry.

Mistyfoot gave birth to four kits one was Reedwhisker. Tigerstar formed TigerClan and he had found out about who Mistyfoot's real mother was. He had her, Stonefur and their apprentices locked away and guarded. He had her brother Stonefur killed by Blackfoot. Blackfoot wanted some revenge too.

Firestar, Graystripe and Ravenpaw came to save them. She, Stormpaw and Featherpaw went to live in ThunderClan. After BloodClan and TigerClan were defeated she went back to RiverClan with the apprentices. Leopardstar had Mistyfoot became deputy since Stonefur had died.


Mistyfoot's apprentice Featherpaw became Feathertail. She later got a new apprentice named Dapplepaw who later became Dapplenose. When twolegs were destroying the forest she was captured. When she was freed she founded her way back to RiverClan where learned that Hawkfrost has been named deputy in her place. However Leopardstar quickly renames her deputy.


She later became leader after Leopardstar died. She is seen by Dovepaw using her powers. Mistystar visits Firestar to tell him about Leopardstar's death, as she leaves she accepts Firestar's offer of herbs.

Mistystar's Nine Lives

First Life: Graypool gave her a mother's love.

Second Life: Stonefur gave her equality and justice in battle.

Third Life: Feathertail gave her acceptance of fate.

Fourth Life: Crookedstar gave her wisdom and strength.

Fifth Life: Oakheart gave her courage to follow her heart.

Sixth Life: Bluestar gave her life for doing what is right despire adversity.

Seventh Life: Silverstream gave her life for finding happiness when there seems to be nothing.

Eighth Life: Rippletail gave her curiosity.

Ninth Life: Perchkit gave her bravery.



Mother: Bluestar

Father: Oakheart

Foster Mother: Graypool

Brother: Stonefur

Sister: Mosskit

Foster Brother: Unnamed kit

Mate: Blackclaw

Sons: Reedwhisker, Pikepaw, and Perchkit

Daughter: Primrosepaw

Grandmothers: Moonflower and Rainflower

Grandfathers: Stormtail and Shellheart

Great-Grandmother: Daisytoe

Great-Grandfather: Rooktail

Uncle: Crookedstar

Half-Uncle: Unnamed kit

Aunt: Snowfur

Great Uncle: Goosefeather

Cousins: Whitestorm, Silverstream, Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Feathertail, Stormfur, Molepaw, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, Lilyheart, Seedpaw, Fernsong, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Leafpaw, Honeypaw and Larkpaw

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