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Her name when she was a kit was Moonkit.


Her name as an apprentice is Moonpaw.


Moonpaw became a warrior of ThunderClan, then called Moonflower.


Moonflower was a queen and mother to Bluekit and Snowkit, and her mate was Stormtail.


After Snowpaw and Bluepaw became apprentices, she became a warrior again. When Goosefeather said the piece of prey was a sign that ThunderClan should attack WindClan. Moonflower was in the battle. She helped her kits to the battle, and promised they would have the comfiest nest when they came back. After she charged into battle, Bluepaw forgot to say goodbye. She had to destroy WindClan's herbs, and she was killed by Hawkheart in the attempt. Bluepaw was devastated because Moonflower promised that she would come back. A while later, Snowfur got ran over when chasing ShadowClan cats who were hunting on ThunderClan land.

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