"This kit did not have to die. It is Bluefur's fault for falling in love outside the Clan in the first place. And now she is dragging her three helpless kits out into the snow with her! Of course one of them are going to die. I'm amazed the other two will make it as far as RiverClan."

—Moonflower on Mosskit's death in Secrets of the Clans, page 76


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Previous Name(s)
Moonkit, Moonpaw

Moonflower is a silver-gray[1] tabby[2] she-cat[1] with dark stripes,[2] and pale yellow eyes.[1]


She is born along with her brother, Goosekit, to Rooktail and Daisytoe of ThunderClan. She is first seen playing with moss with the other kits, while her brother listens to a story from an unknown elder. She wants to play with Gooskit as well, but the tom is a little bit reluctant as he doesn't play the games right. He is later seen sad and put down as the kits had played hiding and go seek, which he found all of them, but was ignored. Moonkit wants to believe him but has troubles.


Her name as an apprentice is Moonpaw.


Moonpaw became a warrior of ThunderClan, then called Moonflower.


Moonflower was a queen and mother to Bluekit and Snowkit, and her mate was Stormtail.


After Snowpaw and Bluepaw became apprentices, she became a warrior again. When Goosefeather said the piece of prey was a sign that ThunderClan should attack WindClan. Moonflower was in the battle. She helped her kits to the battle, and promised they would have the comfiest nest when they came back. After she charged into battle, Bluepaw forgot to say goodbye.

She had to destroy WindClan's herbs, and she was killed by Hawkheart in the attempt. Bluepaw was devastated because Moonflower promised that she would come back.


  • In an Erin Hunter chat, a question was brought up that implied the two different names of Bluestar's mother: Moonflower and Duskflower. It was then revealed that Vicky tried to change Moonflower's name to Duskflower in the Warriors website Q&A because the Erins felt that by using the prefix "Moon-", it would imply that a particular cat had more beauty and significance than its Clanmates. This is most likely because the prefix "Moon-" is used in areas with connection to StarClan, such as the Moonstone or the Moonpool. However, because many references to Bluestar's mother being called Moonflower came up while working on Bluestar's Prophecy, particularly in Secrets of the Clans, the Erins had a general feeling that they should go with the name that had appeared in the previous books.[3]
  • Vicky thinks that Moonflower never blamed Goosefeather for her death.[4]

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