"I don't want my Clan to fight. Instead, we should share what prey there is among all the Clans, and help one another through leaf-bare until our hunting grounds are full again. If we join together as one, we will all survive."

— Morningstar in Battles of the Clans, page 215


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Morningstar is long-legged gray tom with blue eyes.[1]


At a Gathering, he accuses WindClan of stealing his Clan's prey inside of ThunderClan territory. However, he does not want to go into battle and instead reveals that his Clan is extremely weak and starving in their own territory. ThunderClan, especially his deputy, Leafstorm is outraged at this announcement.

Furthermore, he tells the four other Clans that they should all share prey, so they can all survive the leaf-bare together. The other leaders, Rabbitstar, Sedgestar, Willowstar, and Fennelstar, reject the offer. He then picks his way down the Great Rock, legs trembling from hunger, and leads his Clan away.

He then tells his deputy, Leafstorm, to take a patrol out and talk to Rabbitstar again. Leafstorm glares at him and accuses him of being scared to go into battle, she then leaps ahead with several other warriors, leaving the leader behind.

An elder, Mothwhisker, then comes up to talk to Morningstar. He tells Morningstar that he was wrong to tell WindClan that ThunderClan is weak and instead, they should attack them, and bring the battle right to their camp.

Morningstar thinks he is protecting the Clan. He then revisits memories of his mate, Songbird, who had been expecting his kits, but had been killed by a ShadowClan cat after they had fought, thinking they chased a fox into ThunderClan's territory.

WindClan ambushes Leafstorm's patrol, and some of the ThunderClan warriors are injured, including Leafstorm. Pearnose speaks to him in private inside his den and tells Morningstar that Leafstorm has greencough. At first he is in disbelief, but Pearnose explains that she hadn't been eating and still hunts two or three times a day.

When Beechfur asks about patrols, Morningstar says to only hunt for food and not bother with border patrols. His Clan is surprised but doesn't disobey. Morningstar takes on the task of feeding Leafstorm.

While in the clearing, discussing with his warriors, Pearnose suddenly bursts out into the clearing, announcing that Leafstorm has died. Morningstar is in agony and blames it on himself, but then Songbird appears to him.

She offers insight to his problem, and he then realizes that ThunderClan needs to fight; if his warriors should die, it would be for an honorable cause. He then declares battle against WindClan and leads his warriors out of the camp.


Mate: Songbird

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