"But you brought us here because you believe we can work together. We did it before, didn't we? For the Great Journey? Will you give up so quickly this time?"

— Mosspelt to Firestar in The Clans Decide, page 6


Highest Rank
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Dawnkit, Willowkit, foster kits are Featherkit and Stormkit
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Pebblepaw and Perchpaw
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Mosspelt is a tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat[1] with blue eyes.[2]


Crookedstar is seen giving her and Shadepaw fishing lessons. Shadepaw teases and laughs at her for falling into the water, saying that she is supposed to catch fish with her claws and not her teeth. Embarassed, Mosspaw angrily tells her to be quiet.


Mosspelt is caring for Graystripe and Silverstream's kits, Featherkit and Stormkit, because of Silverstream's death, she takes care of them, seeing as she is the only queen in the Clan. She is one of few cats who is friendly towards Graystripe, the newcomer in RiverClan. When Graystripe calls his kits into the clearing of the camp, Mosspelt is seen watching them proudly, as if they were her own. After playing in the clearing with their father, she calls them back into the nursery. Though sulking, they obey her order and go into the nursery. She acts and loves them like any mother would, even though they are not her own kits.

When Graystripe is exiled from RiverClan, Mosspelt is still taking care of his kits. She is still very friendly towards him, as always. At a Gathering, Graystripe asks her how his kits were doing, and if they are surprised that he didn't come back. Mosspelt replies by saying that once they knew he wasn't dead, they coped well.

Graystripe kindly thanks her for taking care of his kits, Featherkit and Stormkit. She reveals to him that his kits were now apprenticed, but are not at the Gathering because they haven't been apprentices for very long. Mosspelt promises to keep in touch with Graystripe about how his kits are doing, then walks away.

In Dawn, she moves back to the nursery.

Mosspelt appears in the ThunderClan camp to send a message to Leafpool. Startled, Leafpool confuses her with Sorreltail, but then realizes it's Mosspelt. Mosspeltsays that there is danger in the RiverClan camp, and they need her help. Leafpool gets there just in time with Mosspelt to help Mothwing save the cats from the Twoleg poison. When Mosspelt's daughter, Willowkit, helps Mothwing and Leafpool cure the cats, she is seen taking an interest in becoming Mothwing's apprentice, and to become a medicine cat. Later, Mothwing asks her if she would like to become her apprentice.

In The Fourth Apprentice, she moves back to the nursery.


In The Darkest Hour, she moves back to the warriors' den.

In Sunset, she moves back to the warriors' den.

In The Sight, she gains an apprentice, Pebblepaw.

Mosspelt is seen yowling that there is an intruder in RiverClan territory. She later escorts Hollypaw and Squirrelflight to the border with Beechfur.

Mosspelt is heard by Jaypaw sneaking through ThunderClan's territory with Reedwhisker when RiverClan comes to help battle ThunderClan with WindClan. She is almost killed by Lionpaw when he corners her against a tree, but Firestar yells for the apprentice to stop, as Mosspelt knows she is beaten. Mosspelt than flees towards RiverClan territory and does not come back. Mosspelt's daughter, Willowpaw, earns her medicine cat name, Willowshine.


In The Fourth Apprentice, she retires to the elders' den.







Foster Daughter:


Foster Son:


References and Citations

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  2. Revealed in Twilight

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