Moth Flight's Vision
Moth Flight's Vision
Author Kate Cary
Illustrator Owen Richardson
Publication date 3 November 2015
ISBN 9780062291479
Publication Order
Preceded by
Path of Stars
Followed by
Cloudstar's Journey

Moth Flight's Vision is the eighth super edition book of which Moth Flight is featured on the cover. It will be about the first ever medicine cat, and "How The Leaders Got Their Nine Lives".

The Bookjacket

The Blurb

At the dawn of the Clans, destiny calls.

The five warrior Clans are newly formed, and the forest is at peace—but much remains uncertain, and in WindClan, one young cat struggles to find her place. Moth Flight is troubled by visions of strange spirit cats that seem to call her toward the high stones in the distance . . . and by the rest of her Clan, who all still see her as a foolish kit with her head in the clouds.

When Moth Flight's distraction nearly causes a terrible accident, she is compelled to go on a journey that will reveal the truth of her dreams—and her own destiny. Moth Flight's path is one that no cat could have predicted, and it will determine the fate of all the Clans for generations to come.

The Praise

Coming Soon


  • This book was initially called Mothflight's Vision by Kate on her blog.[1] The title has been typed as Moth Flight's Vision on all subsequent mentions.[2][3][4]
  • Kate has stated that two BlogClan names were included in the first draft of Moth Flight's Vision - one starting with a S and one starting with an H; they were included because they belonged to loyal BlogClan members, and that they didn't overlap with other names in the storyline.[5]
  • This book takes place one or two moons after Path of Stars.[6]

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