Night of No Stars

"You've no right to do anything with us! You've no right to come here and steal our prey."

—Night to the intruders Outcast, page 202

Night of No Stars

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Night of No Stars is a pure[1] black she-cat[2] with green eyes.[3]

Cave Guard

Night, along with Talon and Jag, find Squirrelpaw, a ThunderClan apprentice, who is hunting in the mountains when the Clans were driven out of the forest by Twolegs. Squirrelpaw leads them to the place where the Clan cats are sheltering. Night helps Tallpoppy with her kit, Marshkit, advising her how to keep him warm by rubbing him with her paws and keeping him off the rocks and snow.

One of the rogues that are invading, Flora, attacks Night, and her fellow rogues attack the rest of Night's patrol. She tells Crag that they can't fight them because of what had happened last time.

Night and Talon journey to ThunderClan and ask for help when the trespassing cats invade their territory. It is revealed that she and Brook have been best friends since they were to-bes when Jaypaw looks into Brook's memory. He sees Brook asking Night to back her up on supporting Stormfur because they were friends, but Night refuses.

Later, when the Clan cats go to the Tribe, she is seen challenging the trespassing rogues. She is with them when they go to meet the Tribe.


In Sign of the Moon, she is now a kit-mother expecting Sheer's kits.

She is seen once, telling Dark, Rain, and Snow to stop playing and eat their share of fresh-kill.




Sheer Path Beside Waterfall

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