"You should have more faith in our son, Crowfeather."

—Nightcloud after Crowfeather questions Breezepaw's reliability in The Sight, page 293

Breezepelt and Nightcloud

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Whitekit, Webkit and Gorsekit
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Nightcloud is a black she-cat[1] with amber eyes.[2]


  • Nightcloud isn't Crowfeather's true love,[3] but he does care about her, even though he loves Leafpool more.[4]
    • However, in The Ultimate Guide, it is stated that Crowfeather had resented Nightcloud because he didn't love her. It is also said that Nightcloud had attempted to make him love her due to her fear of never bearing kits, though she didn't particularly like him.[5][6]
    • Vicky however doesn't think Crowfeather does love Nightcloud as he was forced into taking her as his mate to show his Clanmates that he was loyal to WindClan after he'd run off with Leafpool. It was a marriage of convenience, which makes Vicky feel very sorry for Nightcloud, who truly does love him.
  • In After Sunset: We Need to Talk, it is said that Nightcloud had kits other than Breezepelt; however, it's unknown what happened to the others.[7] This has since been contradicted by Kate on her blog, who says that the several kits thing was probably mentioned before the Erins had thought the plot through.[8]
  • Kate said on her blog that she liked the idea of Nightcloud and Breezepelt on the run as rogues, and Crowfeather leaving WindClan to go and find them.[9]



Mother: Larksplash

Father: Crowfur

Sister: Whitetail

Brothers: Webfoot and Gorsetail

Son: Breezepelt

Granddaughters: Smokepaw and Brindlepaw

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