"We'll even give you an escort, just to make sure you get to Fourtrees safely. We wouldn't want ThunderClan to be scared off by an angry mouse, would we?"

—Nightstar after catching ThunderClan on ShadowClan territory Forest of Secrets, page 185

Nightstar guide

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Brokenpaw and Dawnpaw
Previous Name(s)
Nightpaw and Nightpelt

Nightstar is a black tom[1] with a long tail[2] and a short,[3] glossy pelt.[4]


Nightstar's mother and father are currently unknown, but he was named Nightkit and had a brother named Clawkit.


Not much about this life is known. Nightpaw's mentor was Foxheart.


Nightpaw was giving his warrior name Nightpelt after his training. The tom wasn't always on top of things, and he got sick often. He was given Brokenpaw and Dawnpaw to mentor. For the reason he got sick often, the warrior retired early.


Nightpelt became an elder at an early age because of always being sick and nothing would help. In his elder life, there is a big whole that only StarClan knows. Once Brokentail killed his father and became leader of ShadowClan, the elders were forced to leave the comfort of the camp's inner base and live along the hunting grounds and catch their own prey. When Yellowfang, Graypaw, and Firepaw went to ShadowClan to get Frostfur's kits back, Nightpelt was one of the elders who helped them chase off Brokenstar and his followers and bring Frostfur's kits back to him.


Nightstar was named leader of ShadowClan once Brokenstar was chased off, but once the tom went to get his nine lives, StarClan refused, telling him that Brokenstar was still alive. Afterr NIghtstar's dream with StarClan, he lied to his clan, claiming that he wad given his nine lives to lead the clan. Sadly, when green-cough broke out, Nightstar died and so did his deputy Cinderfur.

After Nightstar's death, he was succeeded by Tigerclaw. Nightstar flew to StarClan. Not much else is known.


Cedarstar appointed him as mentor to Brokenpaw, hoping on Nightpelt's gentle approach.

Nightpelt soon after had to retire to the elders den at a young age for always being sick but nothing would help.

When Brokenstar was captured by ThunderClan, Nightpelt tried to get his nine lives but StarClan said that Brokenstar was still alive. So Nightpelt lied to his Clan, telling them he had his lives.


  • Vicky has revealed that Nightstar had asthma.







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