Thank you. I hope we get to train together soon. You're my littermate and I'll always be there for you."

— Oakpaw to Crookedkit in Crookedstar's Promise, page 61


Highest Rank
Previous Name(s)
Oakkit, Oakpaw

Oakheart is a thick-furred,[1] dark[2] reddish-brown tom[3] with clear[4] amber eyes.[5]


Oakkit plays with his brother, Stormkit, and go on many adventures together. Their parents, Rainflower and Shellheart, are both very supportive. Oakkit is said to be older then Stormkit. After an accident in which Stormkit is horribly disfigured, Oakkit is no longer allowed to play with him, but still supports and loves his brother who is renamed Crookedkit.


Oakpaw is proven to be a fast learner.


Oakheart meets and soon falls in love with Bluefur, a ThunderClan cat. Together they have Mosskit, Mistykit and Stonekit. Mosskit soon dies from the cold.

Crookedjaw becomes leader and asks him to be his deputy. Oakheart refuses. Oakheart and Bluefur end their relationship. It is later revealed that he died in a rockfall.


Father: Shellheart

Mother: Rainflower

Brother: Crookedstar

Mate: Bluestar

Daughters: Mistystar, Mosskit

Son: Stonefur

Grandsons: Reedwhisker, Perchkit, Pikepaw

Grandaughter: Primrosepaw

Neices: Silverstream, Willowkit, Minnowkit

Grandniece: Feathertail

Grandnephew: Stormfur

Great-Grandneice: Lark That Sings at Dawn

Great-Grandnephew: Pine That Clings to Rock

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