"We're playing on the lake! It's completely frozen. You could walk right over to RiverClan territory if you wanted."

— Olivenose to Flametail in Night Whispers, page 277


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Olivenose is a tortoiseshell she-cat.[1]


She is only ever mentioned in the allegiances as Crowfrost's apprentice.


In The Fourth Apprentice, she becomes a warrior with the name Olivenose.

Olivenose is in the ShadowClan camp receiving herbs from Flametail after the battle with ThunderClan. She winces and digs her claws into the ground as Flametail puts ointment onto her wounds.

When Flametail comes back from his dream, Olivenose is seen pacing nervously around the edge of the group of cats with Owlclaw as Flametail tells them they must abandon all their alliances and only trust themselves.

When the lake is frozen over, Olivenose invites Flametail to come play with them on the ice. The other players thank her for finding enough cats to play their new game they created, prey-stone.

Olivenose is seen playing on the frozen lake with ShadowClan apprentices, Starlingpaw, and Pinepaw. She and Flametail are on the same team, and Pinepaw and Starlingpaw are opposing them. The ice cracks, and Flametail falls through. They are helpless to save him, and Flametail drowns. She is one of the cats that witness this, and, terrified, reports to Blackstar.


When the four Clans gather for their usual Gathering, Blackstar mentions their fallen Clanmates in a tribute. Olivenose is among the fallen, alongside many of her ShadowClan allies.

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